Gordy’s Lug Mount Wrist Straps are basic straps for any camera. I’m a practical girl; I like function and sleek design. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the beautiful bells and whistles sometimes, but when it comes to my straps I need rugged products that will stand the test of time. When I was searching for just the right wrist strap a few years ago, I knew I needed it to be taut and short so it resisted tangles. A friend of mine suggested Gordy’s Camera Straps. I purchased one and immediately bought two more for my other camera bodies. I love that I can slip this thin strap over my wrist and put my complete trust in its durability (seriously, they show the strap holding up a computer monitor on their site!) The o-ring allows the strap to be adjusted to wrist size and it even gives my daughter a snug fit when she grabs my camera.

There are a few other features that make me happy about this simple strap. They’re handmade from Latigo belt leather in the Seattle area (knowing who and where my products come from is quite important to me). The strap can be used on either the right or left side of your camera (lefty for me!). My wrist fits well with the regular length wrist strap but for those that need a larger size, they are also offered in long and extra long. The base is wrapped with a waxed heavy-duty cord in the color of your choice. I purchased two raspberry and a yellow and two years later, and they’re both still in perfect shape.

Additional accessories can also be added to the strap including a one inch thick wrist pad for more support, strap bumpers for cushioning against your camera body (though I haven’t noticed a need for one) and a quick disconnect kit for times when more flexibility might be desired. Gordy’s Wrist Straps with Lug Mount are $18 before add on accessories.