Jessica Meyers

“Before They Rise”

Gear and settings: Canon EOS 6D + Sigma Art 35mm f/1.8 lens; f/1.8, 1/1500, ISO 500

We asked for your most amazing “low light” photos for the May/June 2019 Click Magazine photo contest, and you definitely delivered! Congratulations to Jessica Meyers, Crestview, Florida, on her winning image, “Before They Rise” (above).

We also want to thank our fabulous judges, Click Pros Chanel French and Kelly Jones. We know they had their work cutout for them! We’ve asked them to share their thoughts on the winning images. So, here’s a peek inside the creative minds of Chanel and Kelly:

Q: What drew you to the winning image, “Before they Rise” by Jessica Meyers (above)?

Chanel: The light, composition, and point of view all work together to draw the viewer into the storytelling aspect of this image. The low light gives us a clue that this photo was captured early in the morning while the house is still quiet. Shooting from a low angle and so close to the action brings the viewer into the moment and creates a feeling of intimacy. The stack of clothing to the left gives the viewer an outlook on just how much work there is to be done before everyone else awakens. The iron’s steam, backlit by the window, adds a touch of magic to what might otherwise be a mundane task. All of these aspects come together to create a beautiful and impactful image.

Kelly: There’s such a sense of familiarity with this image, but I love the way Jessica’s use of light dramatizes the steam and turns a routine task into something beautiful. Jessica captured a simple chore and gave us a unique perspective. Her vision was perfectly executed — with the stack of folded laundry, the moodiness of the morning light and and the image title — to tell the story of an ordinary day.

Second Place

Angee Manns

“Kalyn in the Shed”

Ashland, Missouri

Gear and settings: Nikon D610 + Sigma 35mm Art lens; f/2, 1/160, ISO 100

Low light image of a woman near a window
Photo by Angee Manns

Q: What did you love about this photo?

Chanel: I love this image because of its simplicity. The straight lines of the window and the curved lines of the subject’s body both draw the viewer in and pique our interest. The frame feels balanced and serene due to the subject’s location in the photo in relation to the window. The way the subject’s outline is highlighted is really beautiful and her isolation in the negative space creates a quiet but peaceful mood.

Kelly: This image reminds me of an old master’s painting: the combination of light and shadows shows us all the important details of the girl’s face, dress and hands but still evokes a sense of darkness and mystery. One directional light source is able to softly illuminate her features, but the image itself is timeless. Angee was able to turn this portrait into a work of art with her simple setup and beautiful execution.

Third Place

Kelly Bell

“The Birds”

Washington, D.C.

Gear and settings: Fujifilm X100F + 23mm lens; f/4.5, 1/125, ISO 250

Photo of a flock of birds in a sunset sky next to a tall building
Photo by Kelly Bell

Q: What did you love about this photo?

Chanel: This image has so much going on in such a beautiful way. The lines of the building draw the viewer’s eye up and into the frame towards the birds. The colors of the sky add contrast to the image and catch the viewer’s attention. The birds themselves create a pattern in the sky that carries the viewer’s eye through the image to explore the details. The choice of wide angle lens allowed the photographer to capture the vastness of the birds overtaking the sky during this moment. It’s awe-inspiring, to say the least.

Kelly: Color, movement, and perspective set this image by Kelly Bell apart from the rest. By removing the horizon from the image, she is able to give us a view as if we were standing next to her on a city street and seeing this scene exactly as it appeared to her. The inclusion of the building to give us a frame of reference lets us know this composition was well thought out and intentional, and gives scale to the otherwise vast landscape of the sky. The vivid colors of the clouds serve to enhance the frenzy of the hundreds of birds, and takes her vision beyond just an ordinary moment when she happened to look up and witness the birds flying overhead.

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Low light photo contest winner, Click Magazine