Hannah Terry

“Vintage Lovers”

Gear & Settings: Canon EOS 5D Mark III + Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art lens; f/2.0, 1/200, ISO 400

This month’s Click Magazine photo contest theme, “love stories” brought in all the photos of love — from kids and their pets to brand new love to love that stands the test of time — and wow, these winners nailed it. A big thank you to our Click Pro judges Megan Arndt and Jessica Meyers and a huge congratulations to winner Hannah Terry of Wahiawa, Hawaii.

And, while we know everyone loves love, here’s why our judges loved these photos:

Q: WHAT DID YOU LOVE ABOUT Hannah Terry’s photo?

Megan: My eye was immediately drawn to the kiss in this image, even though there are a lot of things going on in the frame. I love how well composed this picture is: There are so many lines that lead my eyes in the right direction, but then allow them to explore the frame more to gain context and really understand this story. The man’s arms, framing the intimate scene; the lines of the couple’s bodies leading toward the kiss; the blue/green color mirrored in the man’s shirt and the woman’s blanket; and the light leading through the frame, from left to right so that our eyes explore the whole area — all of these elements come together to create an extremely impactful image.

Jessica: This image immediately made me smile. The age of the subjects makes me think of the saying, “true love stories never have endings.” The photographer’s point of view puts me right in the room with the couple, allowing me to witness such a sweet and intimate moment. The subtle smile on the woman’s face as the man kisses her makes me believe that after all theses years he still gives her butterflies. The hazy light peaking in above him adds to the timeless feel the artist has created.

Second Place

Rachel Lipsmeyer

“New Love”

Madison, Alabama

Gear & Settings: Canon EOS 5D Mark III+ Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III lens; free-lensed, 1/320, ISO 100

Second place winner of love stories photo contest
Photo by Rachel Lipsmeyer


Megan: What drew me into this image initially was the soft focus surrounding the crispness of the details of the baby. The softness pairs so perfectly with the elements of the frame: the gentleness of the way dad is holding his new precious bundle, the softness of the baby’s sweet skin, and the way the baby is sleeping so trustingly in dad’s arms. Add to that the light that is illuminating baby so well, while also helping to retain some of the texture of that new baby skin (hello, wrinkles!), and I was immediately captivated.

Jessica: I love the way the soft light gently wraps around the father’s hand, illuminating the thumb that’s cradling this beautiful new life he now protects. The way Rachel chose to compose this image leads my eye right to the sweetest slice of focus on the newborn’s face. Choosing to free-lens this image adds a rich velvety texture that gives me a sense of calmness and evokes the emotions of the fleeting newborn stage. It inspires me to think back on the blur of a time when my own children were so new.

Third Place

Samantha Bronsing

“Country Love”

Rochester, Michigan

Gear & Settings: Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 35mm f/1.4 lens; f/2.0, 1/1,000, ISO 800

Third place winner love stories
Photo by Samantha Bronsing


Megan: The expression on the girl’s face is what first drew my eye. The way she is softly closing her eyes while holding on so tightly to the chicken is so touching; it’s love as only children seem to experience it—innocent, pure, and raw. The tight crop on the girl’s face makes me really feel like I’m a part of this special, quiet moment. The opened-up aperture helps to create a nice depth of field so that we get some idea of the background (due to colors and light) without being distracted by it.

Jessica: There is something so wonderfully pure and innocent about this image. Samantha set the perfect mood with such soft and beautiful tones. The detail and expression on the hen, who is enfolded in the loving grip of the child, is fantastic. The subject, seemingly unaware that the hen doesn’t share the same affection for her, is the perfect example of childhood whimsy.