Aimee Glucina

“Memory Workshop”

Gear & Settings: Nikon D750 and Tamron SP 35mm f/1.8 Di VC USD lens; f/3.5, 1/320, ISO 400

This month’s Click Magazine photo contest theme, “legacy,” challenged photographers to come up with their own visual definitions of the word. We loved seeing the wide range of interpretations and visions. We think the winner, Aimee Glucina of Aukland, New Zealand, really hit the nail on the head with her gorgeous photo, “Memory Workshop.”

A big thanks to our talented judges, Sue Bahen and Kelly Bell, who really had their work cut out for them! Here are Click’s photo contest winners, along with comments from the judges:

Q: WHAT DID YOU LOVE ABOUT Aimee Glucina’s photo?

Sue: This is such an exceptional image.  I was immediately drawn to the light and tonal contrast between the warm wood tones and the cool blue hues in the image. The light adds depth and separation of the subject from his surroundings and focuses the viewer’s attention on his actions. His arms and gaze lead us to the carving. The frame is well balanced and exudes a sense of peace. I really thought this image stood out as far as the theme “legacy” goes and has a very nostalgic feel to it, reminding my of my own grandfather and his well-organized tool collection. I love that the image is telling the story of an older gentleman pursuing his craft, which may become a lost art in his family, but there will always be the physical reminders of how he enjoyed spending his time.

Kelly: The light in this image is beautiful and I can see the care the subject puts into his work. This photo really speaks to his legacy, and tells a strong story.

Second Place

Beth Cagnoni

“Empanadas de Gallega”

Portland, Oregon

Gear & Settings: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV + Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens; 24mm, f/5, 1/500, ISO 10,000

above view of people making empanadas, a legacy photo contest winner
Photo by Beth Cagnoni


Sue: I was drawn to the storytelling in this image. The preparation of the empanadas is a tradition handed down through the generations and Beth captured it beautifully. The directional light adds depth and texture and I love how the elements are balanced in the frame. I love the perspective and how the subjects are anonymous, yet we can determine that both sexes are participating in this time-honored practice.

Kelly: I love this composition. The photographer is showing only what is needed to tell the story. I see a family tradition, cooking a favorite recipe together. The window light is beautiful and the gorgeous plates add a nice touch.

Third Place

Melissa Ann Parris

“Serene Siesta”

Winter Garden, Florida

Gear & Settings: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV + Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art lens; f/3.5, 1/250, ISO 2000

man and son napping, photo contest winner
Photo by Melissa Ann Parris


Sue: “Serene Siesta” is the title of this piece and my first reaction was that this tender moment between father and son exuded serenity. The light is so beautiful and reminds me of a painting. The framing is the element that stood out to me. I love how the young boy is cradled in his father’s arm and how the line of his arm and beard leads the viewer around the frame. As the mother of two young men, I am always intrigued by photographs of little boys and know that the time is so fleeting. Seeing this little guy with his rugged, handsome father gives the viewer a glimpse into what was and what will be.

Kelly: This image has a very intimate feeling. I love the closeness of dad and son, and the close crop making me feel like I’m right there with them. It’s really beautiful.