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How everyone can look their best in photos

We’ve done the hard work for you! This is the ultimate style guide for photographers containing everything you need to know about styling anyone for a photo shoot so they look their best and feel great.

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You’ll find loads of inspiration for what to wear, tips for how to coordinate a family, ideas for getting creative with color, advice on where to shop, guidance on how to create a gorgeous no-makeup look, and so much more.

Included in this must-have guide:

  • One Family, Four Ways: See how one family of six styled four different photo sesssions at very different locations, plus 8 can’t miss tips on styling a big family
  • Color Inspiration: 3 surprising ways to use to color to create gorgeous outfits for a photo shoot
  • Style Guide: Styling expert Erin Konrath shares loads of advice on what clothing photographs well, how to accessorize, how to keep outfits on-trend and timeless, and where to shop
  • What to Wear: How to encourage a family’s true style to shine, plus flattering wardrobe choices for women by fashionista Amy Wister
  • How to Create the No-Makeup Look: Makeup artist Melissa Hoffman shares loads of advice on how to look amazing in photos, plus specific product recommendations and – bonus! – how to create those gorgeous beachy waves that look amazing on camera
  • Senior Style: Styling seniors comes with its own special set of challenges, and pro photographer Michelle Moore shares tons of tips of communicating with clients before the session to make sure their style is on point
  • Styling like a pro: Rules to share with clients when they ask clothing help before a session by pro photographer Allison Gipson

You’ll find all this and more, including answers to these burning questions:

  • What should we wear?
  • Are patterns o.k.?
  • What colors will look the best together?
  • Should we wear accessories?
  • When does matching get to be too much?
  • Where should we shop?
  • What looks the most flattering?
  • What about makeup?
  • What hairstyles photograph best?
  • Do we need new clothes or can we wear outfits from our closets?