Voice is a celebrated annual photography competition presented by Click Magazine and hosted by Click Pro.

Through each photographer's singular lens, the Voice Competition & Collection provides a unique platform for the female photographer to share real stories, and with almost 40,000 images entered annually, it has become one of the most powerful visual documentations by, of, and for women around the world.

Each year, more than 200 Voice Collection images are featured in Click Magazine, the Voice online gallery, and are awarded an application to or a full year's paid membership to Click Pro.

Click Magazine's Voice Collection Feature Issue with the Pictures of the Year

Winners are featured in both Click magazine's print and digital issue to be released November/December along with the Voice online gallery collection.

Click Pro professional photography association for the female photographer

Finalists will receive a free basic application to Click Pro Association and 1 free year if they receive an acceptance score of 32 points or higher ($50 minimum value).

Best of Winners will have the application process waived and will receive immediate acceptance with 1 free year of membership ($235 value).

Learn more about Click Pro and our application process.

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