• "I Am Here"
    by Anna Sandstrom
  • "#RESIST"
    by Drea Eisenberg
  • "His Mom, His Wife, Her Strength"
    by Jenille Boston
  • "Prayers for Joshua"
    by Holli Pool
  • "Through The Valley"
    by Jenny Parker
  • "The Isolation of Hyperemesis Gravidarum"
    by Neely Ker-Fox
  • "Impossible Goodbye"
    by Ashley Reherman
  • "Fleeting Moment"
    by Jenni Fritz
  • "His Strength"
    by Katie Brenkert
  • "Morning Swim"
    by Melissa Baerwald
  • "Road To Deliverance"
    by Jaydene Freund
  • "All You Will Overcome"
    by Megan Loeks
  • "Dek-Chai Kaeng Raeng 'Strong Boy'"
    by Melissa Ware
  • "Strength Is In The Mind"
    by Melissa Maxwell-Avila
  • "After the Haircut"
    by Amy Selleck