• "Mothering"
    by Bridget Parmenter
  • "Joy"
    by Clare Ahalt
  • "Semazen"
    by Cai Vail
  • "Sandstorm"
    by Karlee Hooper
  • "Hoop"
    by Megan Dill
  • "On the Move"
    by Nicole Guido
  • "Whimsy"
    by Rebecca Chesney
  • "Spinbrella"
    by Rebecca Hunnicutt Farren
  • "Chasing the Dust"
    by Samantha McBride
  • "When The Roots Are Deep, There Is No Reason To Fear The Wind""
    by Teresa Vick
  • "Be Still"
    by Sara Lopez
  • "The Chase"
    by Sarah Rypma
  • "Winds of Change"
    by Susan Grimes
  • "Splash"
    by Susan Brooksby
  • "That Dress Though"
    by Whitney Williams