• "Choose Joy"
    by Zaida Lucia Ortega
  • "Puppy Love"
    by Yanah Brennan Photography
  • "Finally In Our Arms"
    by Sophia Gueiros Costa
  • "Found You"
    by Rebecca Hunnicutt Farren
  • "Pure Joy"
    by Polly Jane Photography
  • "The Acrobat Baby"
    by Lisa Tichané
  • "The Elephant In The Room"
    by Kristin Dokoza
  • "Table Talk"
    by Kelly Marleau
  • "Giggles In The Gulf"
    by Ginger Unzueta
  • "Game Day"
    by Erica Montgomery
  • "Mommy's Home From School"
    by Elena Hecht
  • "Loving Embrace"
    by Diane Main
  • "Smiley Face"
    by Christina Klahn
  • "Mountain Air"
    by Becky Venteicher
  • "Her Best Friend, Wilson"
    by Casey McCauley