Photographing couples in their homes is my new love affair.

I have been photographing couples for over 8 years now, and I was looking for a way to switch things up. I was starting to feel a bit uninspired by heading to my typical “go-to” locations, and I was craving a way to photograph couples so that my followers could truly connect to their story.

This is where the idea of in-home couples sessions was born. Here are five reasons why you’ll love photographing couples at home as much as I do:

picture of couple on the computer by Tami Keehn

1. Indoor sessions mean no rescheduling.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared at my weather app on my phone, seeing the forecasted “chance” of inclement weather, and had to do the whole volley back and forth with my clients for their couple photos: “Do we reschedule?” “Do we wait it out?” Or that gut-wrenching feeling when I realize that there is a big event happening the SAME weekend, in the SAME location as the couple’s session. Ugh!

But when you are shooting in their home, these are things that you don’t ever have to flinch about. The only event that will be happening that day inside their weather-protected home is the couple’s photo session.

photo of couple sitting on the couch petting their cat by Tami Keehn

2. Their home is the center of their story.

What better place to document the love between a couple than in a location that truly defines them?! Their home is decorated in their favorite colors. It has photos from their recent vacation and from when they first met. You can find evidence of their favorite pastimes, such as that favorite book that’s been read cover to cover a few too many times. And, it’s home to their favorite furbaby. A couple’s home is a place they built together, and is truly the best setting to help elaborate on the visual story of them.

photo of husband and wife reading a book on their couch by Tami Keehn

3. Clients feel at ease in their own homes.

How good does it feel to come home after a long day of work, or when you’ve been away on vacation? Stepping foot back into your home has a way of putting you at ease, and it will do the same for your couple.

In-home couples’ sessions also tend to be a little more casual and informal, so it won’t seem like the big production that an on-location session can sometimes feel like. And because your client will be more relaxed, it will likely lead to capturing a greater intimacy and organic connection between the pair. This, in turn, will equate to amazingly authentic couples portraits.

couple snuggling on their bed by Tami Keehn

4. Staying home is easy for the couple.

If anything, doing a photo session at a couple’s home makes it super easy on them. They don’t have to get in their car, travel somewhere, and then try to figure out where exactly their photographer is meeting them at their on-location spot. For in-home couples photos, they just wait for you to arrive at their doorstep.

Their wardrobe is also right there if they want to change it up (or if you do! *wink, wink*). Also any “props” a couple may want to incorporate are all right there for them as well. Again, it equates to less stress for them and happier clients for you to photograph.

husband showing wife how to play the guitar by Tami Keehn

5. Each couple’s home is unique.

The best thing about these in-home couples sessions is the fact that they are unique. No other couple is going to be in the exact same home, doing the exact same things, with the exact same chemistry and connection.

One couple I worked with has a coffee roasting company, so we showed them making a cup of joe together. Another had a husband in a band, so we showed him playing for her and teaching her the guitar. I feel like it allows my readers to get a better understanding of just who the couple is and really pulls them into their story.

pic of husband and wife making coffee in the kitchen by Tami Keehn, photographing couples

I have been photographing couples for over 8 years now, and I was looking for a way to switch things up. I was starting to feel a bit uninspired by heading to my typical “go-to” locations. And that is where the idea of sessions in my couple’s homes were born. Here are five reasons why I think you will love them as well!