We are living in a world overflowing with bits of information constantly coming at us, often overwhelming and disconnecting us from who we are as human beings and as artists. We approach the majority of our lives from the head, not the heart, multitasking and juggling a million things without taking the time to just be.

For me, photography has been the perfect medium to become more centered, able to enjoy what’s all around me, connected deeply with my inner self, and in doing so, capture the world through my heart’s lens.

Soulful photography of mom holding daughter

Practice intuitive photography.

As a graphic artist, photographer and energy healer, I know that my true purpose is to create art through my soul, my unique connection to the divine that is my intuition — that ability we have to discover the truth without reasoning.

When we use our intuition, we can rid ourselves of expectations imposed on us by the head alone, our ego trying to control everything, and that’s when the magic happens. We open ourselves to new, creative ideas and concepts. We feel our work has a deeper purpose — our art seems to be richer, more colorful, more meaningful. By listening to our intuitive nature and our heart, we can use our work to heal ourself and others.

What I call intuitive photography is a process of creating art using my inner, heart-centered awareness without relying on analysis. As a creative soul, I’ve learned to trust this divine guidance, whatever forms the divine takes in my life. It is an inspiration that seems to flow through me naturally, without effort. It opens doors to my imagination that I would never find by reason alone.

Double exposure soulful photo
Soulful photo of a girl
Soulful photo of a girl

Your emotion is important.

In photography, emotion is difficult to achieve in one’s work if there is no intuitive response to the subject or the setting. The tradition of storytelling in any medium comes from the desire to feel and share an emotion, a connection or a purpose; it is incredibly important in the creative process.

People have told me that my photographic style is high, vibrational, and healing, that they feel emotion, connection and peacefulness when looking at my pictures. Over the years, I have come to realize that the pictures people were attracted to were the ones I’d captured while I was with myself feeling peaceful, present, happy and inspired. My most powerful work happened when I had first centered on my intention to connect with myself and my higher good.

Soulful image of girl with feather over eye
soulful black and white image of jelly fish
Soulful image of a boy in black and white
Soulful image of a girl in black and white

Being connected makes a big difference.

These two pictures were taken at the same session. I took the image at the left when I was not feeling centered or connected. For the image on the right, I was able to get into that space where I let my intuition guide me to capturing more emotional depth and make a greater impact.

A girl in blanket
Here, I'm not feeling connected.
soulful image of girl in blanket
Here, I've connected with myself.
Soulful artist: creating connected photos, black and white image of girl

“Intuition is the whisper of the soul.” — Jiddu Krishnamurt

How to become more mindful:

When your mind becomes free of all the ongoing negative thoughts and to-do lists of your everyday life, you have the emotional space to allow your own innovative ideas to bubble to the surface. Here are some tips that help me attain stillness in my mind and spark my creativity.

Practice everyday.

You can practice turning down the noise and moving gently into your heart, and start feeling the environment around you: people, shapes, colors. How does this person make you feel? How about that mountain landscape or the color blue? You’ll notice your work grow in dimension, and you’ll be open to discovering our beautiful world in a new and interesting way.

Start daily creative meditation.

I’ve been practicing meditation for the past 10 years and it has helped me to control my “monkey” mind, the part that’s always busy reasoning out what I should have done in the past, what I should be doing next. Every day, try to sit quietly for at least five minutes. Start by minding your breathing and being aware of your body. This simple practice helps me to let go of anxiety and feel relaxed. Notice how you’re feeling and just continue until you feel completely relaxed. Try this technique right before your session to set the tone. Meditation is amazing to use when you’re in a creative rut. It’s such a good way to shed stagnant energy and feel refreshed and renewed.

Find your own inspo.

What inspires you? Take walks, visit Instagram, read magazines and books, do something creative that speak to your soul.

Photos by Tanya Montpetit

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