Click Pro Sonia Bourdon says that her Canon gear makes her feel so confident while shooting that the only thing she needs to worry about is her client. “I can rely on my gear, and that’s important when shooting constantly,” she says.

For as long as she can remember, Canon has been synonymous with photography in her eyes. Her mother shot with Canon film cameras, and those were the first cameras Sonia picked up in high school, developing her images in the family’s basement darkroom. As the world transitioned from film to digital media, Sonia mirrored that transition in her schooling. When she needed to buy a digital camera for school, she says “my heart was already sold to the brand.” She started with an EOS Digital Rebel XT that never left her side.

black and white photo of couple laughing by Sonia Bourdon

Curious to know more about what keeps Sonia in Canon’s thrall, we caught up with her for a few questions about what she loves and what’s next on her horizon:

Tell us about your current setup:
I currently have three bodies: two EOS 5D Mark IIIs and an EOS 5D Classic that serves me as a backup. I shoot mostly weddings and family sessions. My go-to lens is definitely the 85mm f/1.8 USM EF that is on my camera a lot of the time during my sessions. I love its beautiful bokeh and its sharpness. For my sessions, it’s by far my favorite lens! I also use a 24-70mm for my family sessions and I love the flexibility and the luminosity of this lens.

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What are your hands-down, favorite features?
One of my favorite features with Canon cameras is their amazing capability to render beautiful and luminous images in low light conditions, almost without creating any noise. I hear the EOS 5D Mark IV has an amazing upgrade with the ISO, and I cannot wait to try it out!

Another feature I love about the EOS 5D Mark III is the video option. This camera not only creates good video, it also has the capability to create professional-looking work. This camera is used by many videographers in the industry, and that tells you how good it is! I love the ease of the video feature. Learning to shoot great videos is the next thing on my list and I am really excited to be able to keep practicing with the camera I already have. That’s really convenient for me.

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What are you most excited about with the new EOS 5D Mark IV?
I have stuck with Canon since the beginning and I am really excited by what they have in store for us. With the EOS 5D Mark IV on the market now, I am beyond excited to get my hands on one of those and see the amazing new features this camera has. I know I’ll love the “wi-fi function” and post-capture “Image MicroAdjustment” that will all make my life much easier.

portrait of couple laughing by Sonia Bourdon

Is there a piece of gear you’re hoping to get your hands on soon?
I’ve rented the TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II and TS-E 45mm f/2.8 Tilt-Shift lenses a few times and fell in love with the tilt-shift and the gorgeous images they create. It’s definitely the next lens on my list, but now I don’t know if I’ll get the lens first or the new EOS 5D Mark IV!

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All images by Sonia Bourdon.