Sigma just made us realize we only need two lenses, and we’re not mad about it. Actually, we’ve never been so excited to ditch our bulky kits.

Can we get real for a minute? We love photography gear. OK, OK, so that’s not really a secret. But, it’s worth repeating, we really, really like cameras and lenses. Like, not a normal amount. So, the idea that we could capture all of life’s adventures with just two lenses? Yeah, we were skeptical.

Between clients, kids, travel and our other photography endeavors, that’s a lot of ground to cover. But, carrying around two lenses instead of four or five would be nice.

Though we love our primes for in-home storytelling and newborn sessions, it’s not that fun to change lenses constantly during outdoor shoots. We understand the merits of a pared-down kit for weddings, outdoor client sessions or hiking with the kids… as long as we don’t have to compromise anything creatively.

Enter Sigma’s new mirrorless lens duo.

Astrophotography with Sigma 14-24mm art lens, zoom lens duo
Photo by Jack Fusco, taken with a Sigma 14-24mm Art lens.

Before we even get into the specifics of why we’re now convinced to downsize our camera bags, let us just drop this right here: It’s a 24-70mm Art and a 14-24mm Art, both with fixed maximum apertures of f/2.8. Let’s talk about what that means for those of us who enjoy large aperture lenses and storytelling:

1. Just two lenses cover focal lengths from 14mm to 70mm.

Look, if you want to carry around a 14mm, a 28mm, a nifty fifty and a portrait lens, that’s up to you (and we totally get it). But, this Sigma mirrorless lens duo has us convinced to lighten our load. Because, f/2.8 AND Sigma Art quality AND all the focal lengths we love for adventuring and storytelling. That’s huge.

2. The wide aperture lets you shoot in lower light and get creative.

Sometimes you need a larger aperture because it’s getting dark outside, or you’re under a bridge, or you’re inside a museum… but sometimes you just want a larger aperture because that’s how you shoot.

We’re big fans of gorgeous bokeh and isolated subjects and the f/2.8 aperture on both of these lenses means you can cover a huge range of focal lengths while keeping true to your artistic vision. Win.

3. Carrying just one extra lens is SO appealing.

We see you contorting your body into a pretzel, laying on the ground then climbing up a tree to get that exact perfect angle. You’ve done fifty squats and thirty push-ups by the time you’re done shooting. So, if you could cover all the focal lengths you love without compromising quality or giving up a large aperture while only carrying your camera and lens around your neck and ONE extra lens in your bag… wouldn’t that be a game changer? Yeah, we think so too.

Image of a lifeguard stand, taken with Sigma 24-70 Art lens, zoom lens duo
Photo by Jim Koepnick, taken with a Sigma 24-70mm Art lens.
Food photo close-up taken with Sigma 24-70 Art lens
Photo by Jim Koepnick, taken with a Sigma 24-70mm Art lens.
Night photo fo buildings taken with Sigma 24-70 Art lens
Photo by Jim Koepnick, taken with a Sigma 24-70mm Art lens.
Photo of lifeguard stand taken with Sigma 24-70mm lens
Photo by Jim Koepnick, taken with a Sigma 24-70mm Art lens.

Let’s talk specs: Here’s why we’re loving the Sigma mirrorless lens duo

Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN Art zoom lens

If you photograph weddings, family photos or children, this lens is a powerhouse. The range of focal lengths is perfect for capturing the details and big picture. Plus, its smaller size makes it perfect for capturing your own everyday life stories.  

The new Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG DN Art zoom lens offers best-in-class optical performance designed to deliver uniform sharpness and minimize flare and ghosting. The three aspheric lenses subdue aberrations and the Nano Porous Coating helps achieve high-contrast, clear image quality. So, pro quality. 

Basically, it’s a sharp lens designed to give you amazing image quality without sacrificing flexibility. We could definitely see using this lens for family photo sessions at the beach, photographing environmental portraits or documentary work.

Sigma zoom lens duo for mirrorless cameras, 24-70mm

Specs we love:

  • Available in L-mount and Sony E-mount 
  • Made for full-frame cameras
  • Comes with locking lens hood
  • Has a zoom lock switch to prevent the barrel from extending unexpectedly
  • Features a dust-proof and splash-proof body
  • Has a minimum focusing distance of 18 centimeters at the wide-angle end
  • Priced at $1,099

Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 DG DN Art zoom lens

Now let’s talk about the other stories you love to tell with your photos — landscapes, starry nights, cityscapes and skies — the photos made better with dramatic wide angles.

The Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DG DN Art is a go-to lens for astrophotography and landscapes. But we think the superior edge-to-edge resolution and ah-mazing image quality make it the ultimate large-diameter, wide-angle zoom for all your outdoor adventures. Plus, it’s splash-proof body and water-repellent coating means less stress for you at the lake (or kiddie pool). 

And, while this is obviously a great lens for travel, nature and hiking adventures, we think it’s also pretty fabulous for creative photos at client sessions and weddings as well. Imagine that gorgeous wide-angle shot of all the wedding guests with sparklers as the couple exits the reception! Or the beautiful beach shot with big sky as you photograph that family on vacation. 

Yep, the 14-24mm pairs perfectly with the 24-70mm to help you capture every storytelling angle.

Sigma zoom lens duo for mirrorless cameras, 14-24mm

Specs we love:

  • Available in L-mount and Sony E-mount
  • Made for full-frame cameras 
  • Features a dust-proof and splash-proof body
  • Includes water- and oil-repellent coating on the frontmost surface
  • Delivers uniform rendering performance and outstanding resolution
  • Stepping motor enables high speed, quiet AF
  • Rear filter holder is a standard accessory
  • Priced at $1,399

Bottom line, if you’re stranded on a desert island (or your kitchen island) with only two lenses, we think you’ll be super happy with the Sigma mirrorless lens duo. Not only will it save your back from carrying around all the weight of multiple heavy lenses, it will cover almost all your photography needs.

Now, who wants to go shopping for smaller camera bags? We’ll be browsing Pinterest if you need us.

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