When I first photographed with the Profoto B10 I fell in love. It was my answer to everything.

I photograph in many different situations. I book high noon photo sessions and I also book photo sessions when it’s dark outside and the sun has completely set. I’m also in various locations where carrying a lot of equipment just isn’t feasible for me.

The Profoto B10 is lightweight and completely portable. I can hold it easily in my backpack along with my camera and various lenses. The battery life is perfect. I can charge it overnight, and it will last an entire business day for me. The power this light has in such a small size was a game changer. Now I have a single light powerful enough to overpower really bright sun when I need it. That same light can balance flash and delicate ambient light such as blue hour light without overpowering it.

Everything I need can be found in just one light — and the less equipment I have to carry the better!

“The power this light has in such a small size was a game changer.”

Girls in Chicago street lit by Profoto B10

Behind the shot.

When I photograph younger teens, especially girls, I want the image to elicit a feeling of empowerment. I like to photograph during blue hour, that very short window of time right after the sun passes the horizon line. It is such beautiful light, but it’s very short-lived.

I live in Chicago and the area where I’m legally permitted to photograph is surrounded by tall buildings. For this shot, I wanted to capture the lovely city lights without overexposing the city’s brighter pops of light.

I wanted to maintain the natural ambient light behind my subjects, while balancing it with the foreground light. I used my Profoto B10 as my main light. It was located at camera right. This gave me great directional light. Also at my right were taller buildings. Because of those buildings, I wanted to have the B10, my main light, at camera right because the buildings naturally blocked the existing ambient light.

I triggered my light with the Profoto Connect app and used a Profoto OCF Softbox 2’ Octa, one of my favorite modifiers. It has a double diffused panel inside, so it softens the light. Plus it’s lightweight and small so the portability is great! I often have moms hold the light, or even a teenager at times.

Profoto B10

4 More reasons to love the Profoto B10:

1. It’s the size and shape of a medium-sized camera lens, which means it will fit in your camera bag.

2. It’s five times more powerful than a speedlight! (The B1o Plus is TEN times more powerful.)

3. You can connect to it with your smartphone for remote triggering.

4. It’s compatible with tons of light-shaping accessories, like grids and gels.

Photos by Audrey Woulard.

This is a sponsored post but opinions are those of the author.