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Fundy Designer v7 has been introduced to the photography community and my first impressions of the software were incredibly positive! The amount of time it takes to put together a clean, simple, beautiful album with great flow really knocks my socks off. The program is fast and fast is what I need when I am designing albums. If I was ever on the fence about this software I am now a true believer in the power of the Auto Design in v7.

I love the clean, white background and ease of selecting specs from my favorite album company. Photos are uploaded quickly; either drag and drop or upload direct to the program. I decided to start using the program without reading tutorials, saving the links to the Fundy blog if I got stuck along the way.

Once I dragged an album of photos into the program I selected the lightening-fast Auto Design and was incredibly impressed with the design provided. The auto design option is a huge, massive, enormous time saver and one I see myself using on a regular basis. This feature is really awesome for the busy photographer, taking only minutes to complete an entire album. When selecting Auto Design you immediately have options to design a sign in book or album and you can select the aspect ratio of images, which is perfect for a photographer looking to retain the original composition of the image in the album design. I still went through the spreads and made minor adjustments to some of the images, but didn’t mind that in the face of how much time I’d already saved.

Fundy Designer v7 review by Anita Martin Photography

The smart auto design feature uses image date and time stamps as well as your star ratings to give precedence to higher-rated images, placing them in better positions in your design. The entire design is completely customizable with the click of a mouse, with options to drag images around, view other pre-designed layouts, or create a custom design with freedom to reorganize the entire spread. My spreads here were designed in seconds and it will only take a few minutes to make a few minor adjustments to better fit a few of the images.

Fundy Designer v7 review by Anita Martin Photography

The program makes it so easy to adjust images and basically do anything your inner-designer heart desires. I love that I can click an image and resize, reshape, fit/fill, and make a variety of other changes in seconds.

Fundy Designer v7 review by Anita Martin Photography

The Fundy Designer v7 is a dynamic book and album design software that I would use for engagement sign in books (there is an option for an auto design of a sign in book that leaves the perfect amount of space on each spread for signatures), wedding albums, wedding books, and parent book designs. It would increase my profit margins and allow me to give out of this world customer service to offer custom parent books instead of exact replicas of the bride and groom’s book. It makes me more than a little happy to think about having this as an option for my business.

The quality of the software is amazing for a photographer also looking for speed and control over album design. I have owned Smart Albums design software for years and thoroughly enjoy the easy interface, quick design options, and the predesigned layouts. However I do miss being able to adjust sizing or customize a spread, as the layouts are not adjustable. The few times I could not find a layout that worked for my photos I had to pull a spread into Photoshop to adjust to my specifications. In Fundy v7 I am able to make all customizations in the software itself. There are so many more options and it can seem overwhelming to navigate Fundy v7 initially, but the amount of resources out there, the quick response from Fundy to customer questions, and the easy program design makes it simple to figure out where to click.

Thank you Fundy for coming out with a program that gets me (and other photographers!) I am a busy person, busy business owner, busy mom and with the constant juggle between my business and my family I love programs that give me the gift of time. Investing in Fundy v7 is really investing in myself.

Photos by Anita Martin

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