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Featured Product: Artsy Couture 16×24 Canvas

Click Pro: Nicole Everson, nicoleeversonphotography.com

How was the ordering process? Artsy Couture has a quick and easy ordering process through a ROES set up. The website was beautiful and easy to navigate. Their canvas dimensions were easy to find, and their turnaround time was great. I was impressed with how fast I was able to set up an account and place my order.


What were your first impressions of the product? I was like a school girl when the FedEx guy brought me my package. I was super impressed with how well they packaged the canvas to protect it from shipping damage; and I teared up when I saw my sweet babies. The quality of the canvas is amazing. The edges are crisp, and on the back, it is finished beautifully with a hanger and bumpers so it is ready to hang right away. Their color was spot on, and the canvas is beautifully sharp and has a great dynamic range.

How would you use the product? I printed a 16×24 canvas of my three girls to hang in my dining room, and was so impressed with the quality I plan to order more to update the canvases in my studio and update my family portrait. With the amazing price I can add the canvas as a baby plan gift without cutting too much into my profit!


Is this something you can see your clients wanting and is it something you are comfortable offering? Definitely. I was very impressed with the quality. The clarity and color is spot on so I know clients will love it. The texture is beautiful and adds dimension, and with a protective coating to keep the portrait like new for many years. I love how it is ready to hang right out of the box, all I need to do is attach the back bumpers, so it saves me time, and clients will love that they can hang it right away.

What do you think of product quality in relation to price point? I am very impressed with the quality of the canvas since I typically pay more for this size canvas. The canvas is beautifully finished with a protective layer that preserves the coloring. I was very impressed with how accurate the color, highlights and shadows are. It’s finished beautifully to give it a high quality look and feel and I would feel comfortable offering these to clients.


How does this compare to other products you’ve used in the past? I am very experienced with working with canvas because I use to print and stretch my own canvases for my clients, and I have to say I am impressed with how clean the stretching and mounting is.

Any other positive impressions you wish to share about this product? I am very happy with my first canvas and plan to use Artsy Couture again! From ordering to delivery Artsy Couture was amazing and I am very pleased.  I have been selling canvases for 8 years, and have tried several companies, and I was very pleased with the quality of the canvas as well as Artsy Couture’s amazing customer service. I will definitely be recommending them to fellow photographers and using them in the future.


Photos by Nicole Everson.

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