We just found the most adorably branded, perfectly priced, hassle-free, happiness-in-a-box client gifts and we’re obsessed. 

Gifts for our photography clients have a big job. They should say “thank you,” “I value your business” and “let’s do this again” — all at a reasonable price point. So, finding a really cute gift that feels like a natural extension of your personal brand is everything. 

Enter Greetabl, one of the most fresh and modern client marketing solutions we’ve come across.

Greetabl client gifts
Best client gifts, senior photography session

Keep those clients happy.

You just hit “send” on a client photo gallery and now you’ll hold your breath until the moment you get a reply. You’re hoping for, “Wow! We’ve never seen such amazingly gorgeous photos! You’re a photography goddess!” But a simple, “We love our photos,” would do just fine. Breathe.

We know you put your heart and soul into every single photo you take and every client gallery you edit. You spend so much time perfecting your portfolio, curating your brand and cultivating just the right clientele. So when you find that special client who appreciates your work and truly trusts you to do your thing, you can’t let them walk away. 

Here’s how Greetabl can help: Their gift system (yes, that’s seriously what it is: a turnkey solution) is easy to employ, plus it creates an affordable option for a small business owner looking to watch her costs.

Best client gifts for small business

Easy-peasy client gifts as cute and fun as your brand.

Show your photo clients you really appreciate their business with a super irresistable box of frosted Oreos or a “You Rock!” mini mug in a tropical print box. Your customers will not only love the thought (because, that’s what counts), they’ll actually love the gift, too. 

Let’s be honest; there are thousands of cute gift options online, which is why, honestly, the part that sold us most about Greetabl is that it’s hands-down the easiest way to send a one-of-a-kind piece: A charmingly wrapped package can be customized with YOUR printed photo(s) and message and then bundled with a thoughtful gift. Here’s how it works:

1. Choose a gift and package design. These aren’t old fashioned corporate gifts. Greetabl not only has the most fun, unique items (like champagne bears, rose face masks and mini copper mugs) but their packaging designs add so much personality and style.

Greetable, best client gifts for photographers, wedding package
Greetable, best client gifts for photographers, wedding package

2. Personalize your message. Here’s where you get to use your words. Or, hey, a picture is worth a thousand of them, right? Keep it as simple as, “Thanks for being a fabulous client!” or add photos from a client’s session to give them a preview or reminder of your photography awesomeness. The ability to upload your own photos to create an on-brand experience makes this a no-brainer for photographers.

Best client gifts for small business

3. Send. Truth? Gift giving rocks, but nobody loves shipping packages. Well, Greetabl eliminates the need to actually get in the car. You just tell them where the package is going (or upload a client list if you’re sending multiple gifts) and they take care of it. And, wait for it… shipping is FREE (with Insider and Insider Pro plans).

Client gifts, modern packaging for wedding client
Client gifts, modern packaging for photography

Less time shopping, more time being amazing.

Let’s be honest, running a photography business isn’t all art and light. You’ve got a million things to do and not enough time in the day. Using Greetabl is kinda like having an assistant to help with client thank-yous. It’s one less time-consuming thing to worry about so you can get back to being creative. Plus, it makes you look good!

Wait! We thought of a fourth thing we love (and it might be the best part). 

4. Repeat. Once you’ve chosen your perfect gift or combo, you can save it as a template to quickly send next time (with the Insider Pro plan). Plus, you can set reminders so you never forget a client’s birthday or anniversary. What a fab way to say thank you AND remind your clients to book their next session?!

There’s a plan for that.

Time for the details. How much does it cost, right? You can build one gift at a time with the free basic plan, or become an Insider for $39 a year with features like unlimited free first-class shipping (plus discounted priority and Canada shipping), exclusive gifts and prints, priority customer support, custom-design colors and one-day turnaround. Greetabl’s highest-level package, the Insider Pro plan priced at $199 per year, includes all the previous benefits plus saved templates, concierge service, custom designs and the ability to import your contacts for quick orders

See more about pricing and features right here.

p.s. Did you know that Greetabl sources about 80% of their products from women-owned companies? Yep, we thought you’d like that!

Now get out there and wow those amazing clients you’ve spent so much time and effort finding, booking and impressing. When you get back, we’ll help you shop! Because, you know us, we’re here for making your life easier AND we really love products.

Click’s picks for the perfect photography client gifts:

With gift prices starting around $3 and box prices starting at $8, we love the idea of creating a thoughtful package clients would love without spending a ton. Here are some of our favorite ideas to inspire your client gifts this busy season.

Hand holding sprinkles, client gifts

Psst… We’re guessing your clients will be more than happy to tell a friend how thoughtful you are!

The client: Engagement
The perfect gift: wood photo stand in a “just said yes” box

The client: Wedding
The perfect gift: rose quartz heart in a “forever and ever” box

The client: Maternity
The perfect gift: green tea soap in a “yay” print box
Psst…Don’t forget to set a gift reminder for baby’s due date! 

The client: Newborn
The perfect gift: Himalayan salt soak in a “fun times ahead” box

The client: Family
The perfect gift: DO Sprinkles in a “many mercis” box

The client: High school senior
The perfect gift: gold photo magnets (hi, free locker advertising!) in a “you got this” box 

The client: Creative headshots
The perfect gift: You Got This socks in a “painted circles” box

The client: Food or flat lay
The perfect gift: Cup of Sunshine tea in a “blueberries” box

Which Greetabl gifts are your faves? Drop us a comment here or tag us in your Instagram pics! We’d love to know what you’re sending!

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