Words and photos by Shey Detterline

A high school senior session is not just about the images, it’s also a celebration of a senior’s identity, their past, and their wide-open future. When I’m lucky enough to photograph twin seniors, my logistics change to include photographing the twins together as part each individual’s session. I treat each senior’s session as his own, since each has his own preferences, style, and vision for his images. But photos of twins together are so important, and I insist all my seniors pose together for at least a handful of photos.

How to photograph senior twins - identical twin boys
Photo by Shey Detterline

Twin vibes.

The senior’s personality and vibe helps me choose a perfect location and what kind of session to do, as well as which season would be best. With twins, sometimes these match and we can do one long session with both seniors, but other times the seniors prefer different vibes.

If we have two sessions, at the end of one of the twins’ sessions, I have the other twin arrive (in a coordinated outfit) and capture some images of them together. These images are always favorites of their parents and grandparents, and perhaps the last professional portraits of them together before they leave home.

How to photograph senior twins - girls laying in leaves
Photo by Shey Detterline

Perfect twin poses.

For posing girls, I like to begin with them sitting together, leaning into each other, and I get a candid and a posed image. Parents always like the pose with the twins’ heads together, lying on their backs looking up at the sky, as they’ve likely posed as children. I finish with some standing poses, with their backs together and a classic hug or handholding pose.

For twin brothers or brother/sisters, I do angled back-to-back or standing side by side, or with their arms around each other.

Twin senior girls at a photo session in a park
Photo by Shey Detterline

Twins share three tips for photographing senior twins

By April and Amy Rankin

We get so excited when we get to photograph other twins. Our own senior pictures weren’t so cool, so our goal is to give our twins an experience like we’d want: a fun lifestyle session where each twin can express her true style.

1. Outfits.

We recommend coordinating outfits so each twin can showcase her individual style. Most twins we know do stop dressing alike once they’re dressing themselves. But if you get those unicorn twins who want to wear the same outfit, then by all means roll with it. We secretly hope to be 90 years-old and dressing alike!

2. Posing.

Make each twin feel like they’re getting the same amount of attention. Be aware of their favored sides, angle preferences, and personalities. Even when posed together, make sure each twin is able to express her individuality.

3. Relationship style.

You’ll want to gauge the nature of the twin’s relationship so they feel comfortable in the poses you put them in. If they’re not super-close, for instance, you don’t want to ask them to do a bunch of hugging poses. One of the twins may be more affectionate than the other. You can count on that twin to create special moments worthy of photographing. Above all else, laugh, joke, and have fun. It’s the best way to make your clients feel comfortable.
Senior twin girls during a photo session
Photo by Twinty Photography
Twin girls look out a window
Photo by Twinty Photography
April and Amy Rankin are identical twin-sister photographers specializing in lifestyle portraits and weddings in Austin, Texas. twintyphotography.com

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Photographing twin seniors isn’t easy! Download Click’s ultimate guide to photographing twins (and multiples) right here.