10 Tips to create fun, modern photo displays

For me, creating modern, gorgeous and oh-so-powerful gallery displays has never been easier, thanks to the know-how of Miller’s Professional Imaging and its rich catalog of superior photographic display products. Miller’s has long been my go-to for everything display: Prints, frames, canvases, wood — whatever I’m looking for to help my clients complete their collection, I know Miller’s has it.

Today’s design trends are eclectic and fun, and Miller’s up-to-the-minute display formats and media all work beautifully together to create unique collections that truly speak to the character of each family. If it’s formal and traditional my client wants, I trust Miller’s blend of craftsmanship with fine-art print technology.

It’s not necessary for your clients’ homes to have acres of wall space or cathedral ceilings to display a beautiful gallery of images. Custom-made display has never been easier and more accessible. A simple console or a shelf or two is all that’s needed. So, whether for yourself or your clients, it’s time to get those files off your hard drives and down from the clouds and onto walls! With the help of Miller’s gorgeous, premium-quality products, you can decorate everyday living spaces with beautiful art — just in time for a busy season of family visits and entertaining!

1. Don’t be afraid to mix and match frames and other products. Go for a variety of sizes that work in harmony. I like to mix Miller’s Soho framed prints with their beautiful, rustic Wood Prints, or gorgeous Gallery Wrap Canvases.

2. And I like to mix up the colors and finishes of the frames. A maple-colored Miller’s Soho frame looks so right next to a couple of Soho frames in white!

3. Start with a large statement print, such as a 16×24 Miller’s Wood Print, then build the rest of the collection around it.

4. Add texture and brightness with brass accents, succulents, books, and other fun accessories and details. Be eclectic!

5. Neutral wall colors, like white, beige or gray, are like a blank canvas that allow you to get as creative as you want with your wall art and accent pieces.

6. You can have fun with color in your decor, or chill with a simple neutral palette. I love the classic look of black-and-white prints with white mats displayed in Miller’s Soho frame.

7. Before hanging the collection, do practice layouts on the floor or on kraft paper hung on a wall to ensure the sizes work together.

8. A common mistake is hanging frames too high. Photographs and other wall art should be hung at eye level. A simple solution that usually works in most instances: For a single framed piece, the center should measure about 60 inches from the floor.

9. Hang frames 2 to 3 inches apart. It’s better to go tight than too wide.

10. Invest in your artwork, not your accents. Design trends change, so bargain shop on accents. Your artwork is timeless — this is where your investment should go. With Miller’s you know that you are purchasing an heirloom piece that will stand the test of time.

Miller's print lab fine art wood print, photo decor
Miller's print lab photo decor frames in espresso, maple, white
photo decor laid out on a wood floor
Miller's professional imaging photo decor frames on a dresser at home
Millers print lab framed photo decor on a dresser in a bedroom at home

I feel fortunate to live in a digital world. Imaging technology makes it so convenient to capture not only our special family moments, but also our day-to-day life as our families grow. However, within this digital world, it’s still as important as ever to make photographic prints of our favorites to revisit in albums and artfully display in our home decor. That’s why I make sure my clients know that these captured moments and milestones can and should be enjoyed forever as beautiful prints and wall art.

You’ve got the images. You’ve got Miller’s premium products to show them off. You’ve got this! What are you waiting for?

millers professional imaging photo decor frames on a wall display at home

INCOMPARABLE SERVICE & SPEED. I want my clients to have an exceptional customer experience, from the point of initial contact until the moment of delivery. That’s why I depend on Miller’s to help me deliver the top-notch service I hold myself accountable to across every facet of my work. I know Miller’s, with their unmatched dedication to customer service and included UPS overnight delivery — Miller’s fast turnaround is beyond compare — will ensure I meet my goals. With Miller’s, it’s done right.

Miller's Professional Imaging photo decor wall display

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All photos by Jen Bilodeau

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