Click Magazine November/December 2019

Welcome to Click’s 6th annual Voice Collection issue, a showcase for the best photos of the year. Together, the images on these pages — 210 of them culled from almost 40,000 entries — represent a mighty chorus of influential and passionate artists whose work is defining a generation. We love hearing how a photographer creates: What inspired this photo, what thought process went into capturing and refining it? As we reviewed the origin stories of the images in the Voice Collection, we heard a common theme: The finalists’ journey to the Collection began for many with the decision and commitment to dedicate a measure of time and space to themselves and their photography.

Women who can consistently train their focus on the cultivation of their artistry are better able to create work with meaning, truth and beauty. Like many of these finalists, you allow your creative soul to breathe by participating in photo projects, taking photo walkabouts and weekends, attending photo conferences and more.

So this special Collector’s Edition of Click is published with our hope that everyone will have a chance in the year ahead to press the pause button once in a while, to step away from the noise, and focus on her art. It’s always worth it to plan field trips, real and virtual, for your own creative development (of course we recommend taking part in Click Away this March in Atlanta!)


  • 92 pages, full color, perfect bound
  • The Best Photos of 2019: Female artists come together to share and define a generation through Click’s annual Voice Collection.


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