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A new year equals new resolutions: “Declutter. Be less stressed. Eat healthier. Focus on what’s important…” Well, this year, I challenge you to make a resolution to print your photos. And, I know, photographers are notoriously terrible at printing their personal work, but it doesn’t have to be so hard! Whether you choose to combine them all into an end-of-year album or print your daily/weekly/monthly favorites, there is no better feeling than when you’re staying on top of managing, editing, and printing your personal images so you have something tangible to look at and pass on to future generations.

I like to print out a few pictures during the year to update frames around my house, and then combine all my images from that year into a huge 12 x 12-inch album. Go ahead and think about the method that will work best for you and your workflow and then make it happen. By the end of this year I want you to have a photo box or album full of printed images. And, while you’re at it, add in a new wall display or some fun pieces for your home. It’s totally worth it!

Here are four companies that make it easy to print your photos.

1. Mpix

I love all the products from Mpix and they make ordering super simple (and affordable). One of my favorite things to do is make photo gifts for friends and family and I can always find something unique and different from Mpix. My newest obsession is their collage products. Because, while I could design my own templates in Photoshop, having a drag and drop option is just so nice. I like spending my time on taking photos, not ordering!

Mpix is also great for whimsical products my kids love. The statuettes (starting at $26) are so much fun for birthday party centerpieces or kids’ rooms, and the magnets (starting at $13.20 for 5) make super fun party invitations. Follow @mpixfans on Instagram for more print inspo.

Pro Tip:

If even a simple album or collage seems overwhelming, just order high-quality prints and keep them in a modern keepsake box. Simple and done!

Mpix keepsake box
Mpix collage for baby milestones

2. Social Print Studio

Social Print Studio offers many simple and beautiful products, including squares, posters, framed prints, and albums that you can create from your desktop or mobile device. For mobile device printing, just download the Social Print Studio app and print any of your mobile photos and from multiple Instagram accounts in one order. Prices start at $15 for a Softcover Photobook, $12 for 24 squares and $25 for posters. Follow @socialps on Instagram for more ideas.

Social Print Studio Poster
Social Print Studio Postcard
Social Print Studio Minibooks

3. Artifact Uprising

All of AU’s gorgeous offerings can be done easily through a smartphone app. On my flight home from Click Away, I downloaded the Artifact Uprising app and uploaded the pictures I had taken with my iPhone during my trip. Within minutes, I had created a 5.5 x 5.5-inch Softcover Photo Book (starting at $15). When I got home, life immediately picked up where I had left it, and there was no time for photo book making, so I felt accomplished and proud of myself that I had already gotten it done! It arrived in my mail a week later and every time I look at it, I’m instantly reminded of the great time I had on my trip.

Artifact Uprising also creates hardcover books (starting at $59), postcard packs ($30), and other photo products and gifts. I especially love their curated Instagram idea gallery (@artifactuprising).

Artifact Uprising photo book
Artifact Uprising postcards

4. Project Life

Project Life is an ultra-simple, über-stylish solution for getting your photos off your phone and computer, out of boxes, and into albums. Gone are the days of cutting, pasting, buying oodles of supplies, and spending hours on an album — or even hours on just one page. Project Life (from scrapbook maven Becky Higgins) is so versatile that it lets you create albums using tangible kits, digital editions, and even page layouts right on your smartphone.

Because I design large 12 x 12-inch albums at the end of each year, building 12 x 12-inch pages in Project Life that are high resolution and suitable for printing is easy option for me. The time-consuming part about making my books is the legwork at the end of the year to pull images and lay them out in book-making software. But if I were to build and save my page layouts at the end of each month and save them to Dropbox, I can just upload them at the end of the year and be done!

The Project Life app is available on iTunes. Follow #ProjectLifeApp and @projectlifepages on Instagram for more ideas.

Project Life - Print your photos
Project Life - Print your photos
Print your photos with the Project Life app

Photo display ideas for your home

Good job on printing your photos! Doesn’t it feel great that your kids are able to flip through an album or hold a print in their hands? Well, now you’ll need some photo display ideas to beautify those empty walls. No prob! We’ve got tons of inspo right here: