If you are like me, you started your photography business because you are passionate about creating beautiful images. Your thrill comes from capturing light, connection and emotion and pulling it all together into images to be savored and treasured over time.

However, to run a profitable and sustainable business, it is necessary to do more than just capture beautiful imagery. Incorporating high quality products and wall art is an essential piece of the process — and this is where many of us feel stuck! We may not be design experts, yet clients often rely on us to guide them towards what will best showcase our work on their walls. This is where I turn to Miller’s Professional Imaging as my partner for success.

My clients love choosing photo frames to match their decor style.

Over the past year or so, I have found many of my clients seem to be returning to picture frames. Today’s design trends are eclectic and fun. Photo frames work well in just about any room, and can beautifully complement any design theme. For this reason, I just love the variety of frames that Miller’s offers. Whether it is a rustic, formal or clean look you are going for, Miller’s frames work great both on their own or together in unique collections that truly speak to the character of each family.

Modern, stylish picture frames for every home.

Miller’s helps me deliver an exceptional client experience.

In addition to their stunning array of premium quality products, I know I can depend on Miller’s to help me deliver the top-notch service I hold myself accountable to across all facets of my work and business. I want my clients to have an exceptional customer experience from the point of initial contact until the moment of delivery. I know Miller’s, with their unmatched dedication to customer service and included FedEx overnight delivery, is going to help ensure I meet this goal.

When sourcing frames, it can be a tricky balance to find frames that are both high quality and reasonable in their price point. With Miller’s Lab I can get the quality my clients deserve at a price point that works with my business model. With Miller’s, I know I can get it done, and get it done right.

Modern, stylish picture frames for every home.

Miller’s always has just the right frame for any space.

I just love the versatility of Miller’s photo frames. Their offerings have really helped to ease the anxiety I had about helping clients find the right frame for their home. It can be tempting to think you or your clients need to have perfect homes with large white walls to hang wall art. The reality is that every room has the potential to showcase your beautiful work – sometimes a simple console or a few shelves is all you need!

Whether it is your own home or your client’s, there is a Miller’s product that meets the unique design needs of the space. Here are some of my favorites uses for Miller’s picture frames:

In the living room

I love the Miller’s Soho Frames in maple and espresso for a living room. These photo frames work especially well with larger prints such as a 16 x 24-inch or grouped together in a large wall gallery. The Soho frame has a gorgeous, polished look that works well in a more formal space.

The Miller’s Soho Frames, with their wide 2-inch base are also wonderful for bookshelves, where they can be placed around succulents and fun decorative accents.

Modern, stylish picture frames for every home.
Modern, stylish picture frames for every home.

In the kitchen

For the kitchen I always turn to the Miller’s Flat Frame in black or white. These frames can be grouped together in any combination and they always look great. My favorite combination is a grid of six or nine framed and matted 10 x 10-inch prints.

I also think the kitchen is a great space for the Miller’s Metal Frames. The simple and clean look of these frames works great with the chaos that is inherent to any kitchen. With these metal frames, you don’t even need glass – just a matted print and you are good to go!

For small spaces

A great option for smaller spaces in the home, such as a bathroom or small nook area, is the Miller’s Espresso Rustic Frame. This is one of Miller’s newer offerings and it fits really well with today’s design trends.

In a kid’s bedroom

I really love the look of the Miller’s Flat Frames for a bedroom, especially a kid’s room. White frames work well with just about any kid’s room, and these frames give you the opportunity to add a lot of personality to a child’s space. You can also mix in other fun frames such as the Miller’s Ribbed Pewter Frame to add texture and variety.

Modern, stylish picture frames for every home.
Modern, stylish picture frames for every home.

6 Essentials for planning and hanging wall art and picture frames

Whether I’m hanging something in my own home or working with a client in their home, these are the tools I have with me every time I’m planning and hanging wall art:

How to hang a picture frame.

1. Selling Software – Software such as Shoot & Sell, Pic-Time, and Swift Galleries allows me to lay the room out in advance so that my clients can really visualize how it is going to come together.

2. Craft Paper – Taping craft paper (cut to the sizes of the frames) to the wall is an excellent way to try out different sizes and combinations before you order.

3. Measuring Tape – I use this both when planning the gallery before I order, and when I am hanging collections of prints to ensure they are properly spaced and aligned.

4. Level – With a level I can ensure each frame is straight.

5. 3M Command Strips – These amazing little strips allow you to hang frames on the wall without even one nail hole. I don’t always get the spot right, and these let me make mistakes without unnecessary holes in the wall.

6. A Partner (optional) – I find it is so much easier to hang a wall gallery if you don’t do it alone. An extra set of hands and eyes to ensure everything is straight and properly spaced can avoid time-consuming redos. If I’m in a client’s home, I will usually enlist their help.

With today’s fun and eclectic design trends, creating custom gallery displays for clients has never been easier and more accessible. You’ve got the images and you’ve got Miller’s, with their premium products and unmatched customer service, as your partner for success. So, what are you waiting for? You’ve got this!

All photos by Jen Bilodeau

This is a sponsored post but opinions are those of the author.