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One of the choices women face on the regular is whether to grant ourselves a few moments of freedom to pursue photographic projects just for us — these are the projects that bring us joy, pique our curiosity, fulfill us, and help us grow creatively. Sometimes when we make the decision to devote precious time to pursuing a personal project, we even go so far as to sabotage that sacred time by punishing ourselves for having taken such a liberty. But if you can manage to launch a personal project, its rewards are rich and long-lasting. Which is why we know that Angela Ramsey’s essay (p. 56) on the power of personal projects will speak to you. Her approach crosshatches self-prioritization with pragmatism; balancing your “shoulds” with your “wants” is never an easy task, but goes a long way in protecting a personal project from falling prey to life’s demands. Most of all, Angela’s commitment to shooting concepts she genuinely likes sounds so gloriously freeing. “Personal projects have transformed me,” Angela says. “They’ve shown me that everyone has a story to tell, including me.”


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  • Ultimate Lighting Guide
  • How to Photograph Interiors
  • Angela Ramsey and the Power of Personal projects
  • Rhapsody in Blue
  • How to Style Couples
  • Editor’s Picks: Splurge-worthy Spring Photo Products


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