January/February 2020 Cover Click Magazine

Treat others as you would have them treat you. The catch with the golden rule in this age of comparison and negative self-talk, is that far too many female photographers do not treat themselves as well as they treat others. Instead, we dwell on our shortcomings, put our artistic self-care last, and then face the inevitable challenge of trying to refill a creative tank that’s run empty. Because so many women struggle with these issues daily, we’re tackling those soul-crushing tendencies in our first issue of 2020, as we go out chasing grace.

The journey of every artist’s search for self-acceptance and forgiveness is neverending; with that in mind, we’re honored to have the opportunity to feature Virginia Greuloch on the joy of the misstep. “Perfectionism can keep you from pursuing your dreams,” Virginia writes in her article on p. 70, even as her accompanying images ebulliently redefine “perfection.”

For photographer Tanya Montpetit, it’s been a 10-year journey to discover her calling within her work: “My true purpose is to create art through my soul,” she says. “By listening to our intuitive nature and our heart, we can heal ourself and others through our work.” We can’t wait for you to feel as inspired and renewed by Tanya’s divine method of connecting with her art as we were.


  • 84 pages, full color, perfect bound
  • Perfect is not the point by Virginia Greuloch
  • How to Connect with Your Intuition
  • Creative Restarts: Diptych, Film & Freelensing
  • The 20 Best Photo Products to Buy in 2020
  • How to Reclaim your Photo Mojo


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