Feature photo is “Always Ready for the Next Adventure,” by Julia Crim

Dad. Carrier of tired children, soother of wounded souls, player of childhood games, joy maker, rule bender, teacher, chair, a soft place to land. He’s unique in the way he loves, even while fatherhood feels universal. This is what your photographer soul loves to document: his special way of being, his dadness, his relationship with his kids.

So this Father’s Day, we’re sharing some of our favorite photos of dad from the Click Pro Daily Project. Grab a tissue and enjoy!

Carry Me, Papa, by Anda Panciuk

A dad carries his daughter
Photo by Anda Panciuk

“Baba” is Home, by Alicia Moss

A dad kisses his baby
Photo by Alicia Moss

#Dadlife, by Jessica Meyers

A dad and his son look through a window
Photo by Jessica Meyers

Time with Dad, by Katharine Vogel

A dad and his son sitting in a chair
Photo by Katharine Vogel

Portrait of my Father, by Aimee Glucina

a grandfather hugs his grandchildren
Photo by Aimee Glucina

True Happiness, by Lisa Tichané

A dad holds his laughing daughter
Photo by Lisa Tichané

Learning, by Kristen Ryan

A dad teaches his son to ride a bike
Photo by Kristen Ryan

Playing with Dad, by Beth Ann Fricker

Dad plays with girl on a beach
Photo by Beth Ann Fricker

Embrace, by Robin Fox

A dad hugs his child
Photo by Robin Fox

We loved sharing these favorite photos of dad, but we’d love hear about what (and how) you like to photograph on Father’s Day. Do you take portraits or capture candid moments? What makes a special moment an amazing photo? Please share your favorite ways to capture “dad” in the comments. And, if you’re a Click Pro, you can head over to the Daily Project and post your best “father” moments.