1. Free the fingers

If your hands and fingers get tired and stiff from gripping a camera and fumbling with buttons, give them a break by a hand strap. The Clutch hand strap by Peak is the only quick-connecting, quick-adjusting camera hand strap ever made, and gives you security when you need it, but also allows instant access to your camera’s controls. Just imagine being able to stretch out your fingers, without your camera ever having to leave your hand. (pictured above)

2. Maintain stability

Holding a camera during a long day of shooting on-location or in the studio, can lead to back pain, and arm/hand fatigue. Over time, this can result in shaky hands and blurry images. To reduce the stress on back, arm, and hand joints, and improve image quality, consider using a tripod or monopod. The ultimate in convenience and portability, the 3.5lb. Revolve tripod can also turn into a stand-alone monopod, allowing for clear and crisp images anytime, anywhere.


3. Find some relief

With its easy-on fit and six zones of graduated compression, compression foot sleeves are effective enough to provide relief, but comfortable enough to wear any time, even under normal socks and shoes. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, chronic heel pain, swollen arthritic ankles and feet, or poor circulation, this is a perfect way to give your feet relief while shooting an all-day wedding event.

Black FS6

4. Distribute the weight

If you suffer from back pain while shooting, or stiffness and soreness in your back the next day, it might be from way you’re carrying your gear. If you currently wear a crossbody or single shoulder strap or bag, consider finding a way to evenly distribute the weight of the gear you carry across your back and both shoulders. Great options include backpacks, holsters, and sling/harness straps.


5. Lighten up

As mirrorless cameras become more popular, with features that can truly rival SLRs, weight could be the deciding factor in which camera you buy next. There’s a lot of variation in the mirrorless market, especially between fixed-lens and interchangeable lens options, but overall mirrorless camera kits weight less than traditional dSLR kits. It may not be pounds that separate the two options, probably more like ounces, but overtime going lighter can decrease the stress on hand, arm, shoulder, and elbow joints.


6. Recommended reading

Ergonomic Principles and Practice for Photographers” by Dawn Oosterhoff for the Tuts+ blog. She reviews the best ergonomic practices for shooting and standing, and simple conditioning consisting of postural awareness, stretching and strengthening, fluids, and common sense.