Need to give your creative photography a little boost? Get yourself in the right headspace by trying something new. Creative photography products aren’t always cameras and lenses, sometimes it takes a meditation app or a new watercolor set to get your juices flowing. Stepping outside your artistic genre can change your momentum and get you thinking in new ways. Plus, if nothing else, it’s fun!

Here are the nine creative products Click’s Editors are loving right now:

Watercolor set, creative photography

Luxury linen watercolor set

Try your hand at a medium other than photography to heighten your awareness of color, pattern, shape, and form. We love this portable, all-in-one professional watercolor set in a folding linen pouch from Italy. Includes everything you need to begin creating. $150

Polaroid, Creative photography product

Polariod OneStep 2

Get instant gratification with the Polaroid OneStep 2. See something you want to capture forever, snap a photo, and bam — a few seconds later you’re holding the moment in your hands. We can’t wait to play. $99.99

process art handbook, Creative photography product

Play, Make, Create: A Process-Art Handbook by Meri Cherry

Get creative with your kids! We love photographing kids as they create. The message of this book is about focusing on the joy in the process, not on the outcome. Seems like that applies to photography, too. When we are having fun, feeling fulfilled, and taking risks as we shoot, that’s when we create our best work. $24.99

Calm app for creativity

Calm App

We were skeptics at first, too, but then we tried it. Calm is a meditation app that helps with increasing focus, reducing stress, improving sleep, and more. We are all for tools that help us be the best versions of ourselves. $59.99/year

Find your artistic voice, creative photography product

Find Your Artistic Voice: The Essential Guide to Working Your Creative Magic by Lisa Congdon

This is your guide to the process of artistic self-discovery. Through advice from established artists and creatives, this book will help readers identify and nurture their own visual identity, navigate the influence of artists they admire, push through fear and insecurity, and appreciate their personal journey. $18.95

Clickin Moms for more creative photography

Subscription to Clickin Moms

Clickin Moms is a one-stop shop for all the things you need to grow your art. Join a collaborative project, participate in a creative challenge, ask for photo critique, read or watch tutorials, and connect with like-minded creatives in a safe space. $10/month

Hand lettering book

By Hand: The Art of Modern Lettering by Nicole Miyuki Santo

Beautifully personalize your projects through the art of modern hand-lettering. Learn about the techniques and tools through the creative projects and inspired lessons in this lovely and inspiring book. See more of Nicole’s work on Instagram @nicolemiyuki. $22.99

LomoMod No. 1 creative photography product

LomoMod No.1

What better way to spend quiet winter days than building your own medium-format analog camera? Yes, we’re serious. Crafted from sustainable cardboard, the LomoMod No.1 requires no screws or glue to assemble. You can fill the lens with liquid of your choice to create your own distinctive filter. Endless creativity will ensue. $59

Petzval lens, creative photography product

Petzval 55mm f/1.7 MKII Lens

Need to get out of your comfort zone or break a rut? Look to the new Petzval lens for mirrorless users, now available for Sony E, Nikon Z, and Canon RF mounts. Get the look of a vintage, 180-year-old lens, but with the dependability of modern technology. Rather than changing the aperture to modify the bokeh effect, the new Petzval 55mm f/1.7 includes a dedicated bokeh control ring so you can create the look you want. Starting at $399

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