I believe in the art of storytelling through vivid, gorgeous photos that show more than beautiful faces and styled props. I want my couple photos to tell a story that makes you feel every emotion as if you were right there in the frame.

My mission is to create more than just pretty pictures, I want my photos to help my clients feel they are leaving a legacy.

A couple laughs on city steps

3 Tips for styling for couple photos.

When I’m photographing a couple, it’s important to me that the clothing choices and session location(s) complement each other well. I advise my couples to plan for at least two fun looks that they feel confident and beautiful in to ensure variety and personality in their engagement or anniversary photos.

The next time you’re helping your couple select clothing for their shoot, try my three Ps: polished, popular and personal.

1. Polished.

The polished look will be their most show stopping look. It should be the first shot of the couples photo session, while the couple’s hair and makeup are freshest. A sparkling maxi gown or bold cocktail dress for her and black tuxedo for him pair perfectly with a beautiful venue or city nightlife flair.

A couple photo on a rooftop by Mecca Gamble
A polished wedding photo by Mecca Gamble
A couple poses for photo in a park

“I advise my couples to plan for two fun looks that they feel confident and beautiful in.”

2. Popular.

The popular look highlights current fashion trends. These are styles, colors, patterns, and details that the couple’s favorite influencers or celebrities are wearing. I especially love shooting this look against a colorful mural, a cool sports car, or at their favorite restaurant. Later, this photograph will fix the special time of their engagement to its particular era.

Couple photos in front of painted wall by Mecca Gamble

3. Personal.

This look reflects the couple’s own style, the way they’d dress, perhaps, for a weekend brunch with friends. Many couples use this look to show off their coolest sneakers, personalized clothing, dates or hashtags, school or Greek affiliations, or sports team pride. Shoot this couples photo in their favorite park, open field, or school campus.

Couples photo on painted mural by Mecca Gamble
A couple photo of man and woman laughing in bright clothing

Photos by Mecca Gamble McConnell

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