Feature photo by Tenley Clark

It’s that time of year when we start looking forward to new ideas and projects for the new year. But before we move swiftly into 2019, we think it’s important to reflect on 2018. This past year allowed us to highlight some truly amazing talent on our blog. We loved working with women photographers all across the globe to bring together inspiration, tips, advice and great ideas. This common love of ours — photography — brings us together in amazing ways.

Here are the Click blog’s top 10 photography stories of the year, in no particular order. Enjoy!

How to be a mom & photo business owner without totally losing it

You know, that feeling that you aren't being enough, making enough, posting enough, shooting enough, eating well enough, playing with your kids enough? It's flat out exhausting! I'm here to tell you this: Enough is enough. Balancing motherhood with your

Pro Secrets: The 24 best photo & video tips for your trip to Disney

Feature photo by Bethney Backhaus There’s a reason people describe it as the most magical place on earth. For many of us, visiting a Disney theme park is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll want your photos to reflect the magic you

21 Photography products that can change your life

You know that one really amazing photography product that totally changed everything? That lens that makes you see a bit differently, that tool that streamlined your business or that really cool piece of gear you never knew you needed but

5 No-fail games for a fun & natural family photo session

The games we play during sessions elicit terrific reactions from the children, but they’re really for the mom and dad. Let’s be real: Photography sessions are stressful. If parents are given an activity where they can let loose and enjoy

4 Pro travel secrets to keep photo gear safe when you fly

You've booked a photo session or wedding that requires you to travel — score! And then a moment of panic sets in: How do you keep your photography gear safe while traveling? What sort of bag is best for carrying

Target for photographers: 15 Photo-related excuses to shop your favorite store

That’s right, we are going to talk about every photographer's favorite shopping oasis. The place we all run to claiming, "we just need toothpaste," knowing full well we will walk out two hours later with a cart full of items

28 Unexpected places to create amazing photos at home

As photographers, we know it's possible to create a decent photo in just about any nook or cranny. The moments are what's important, and we accept that we won't always have the perfect backdrop or light. But when we're in

A beginner’s guide to newborn posing & studio lighting

It's not easy to remember all the ins and outs of posing newborns in studio lighting when you're working with unpredictable little people that need lots of breaks and might pee on you at any moment. If you're just beginning

Create amazing underwater photography on a budget

I've always been drawn to underwater photography, even before I began my journey behind the lens. I love the ethereal beauty, mystery and movement found only in underwater photos. Many years ago, I discovered the work of Lia Barrett and

Maternity photography: 8 Pros share their favorite techniques

Pregnancy is so many things. It's emotional, joyful, and nerve-wracking, it's anticipation and expectation, and, most of all, it's miraculous. To capture all of that in an image is not easy. Our clients hire us to capture this amazing time

What’s coming in 2019?

Woohoo, 2018 was a fabulous year for us and 2019 is shaping up to be just as great. We have some super fun ideas in the pipeline, including inspiration from well-known photographers and new faces. We’re excited to share tips and tricks on fresh new subjects, collaborative articles from our Click Pro community and photography tutorials you never knew you needed. We’re cooking up some fun projects that we hope to share very soon, so stay tuned! Connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to stay in the loop on all of our latest stories.

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