September/October 2019 Cover

“Those of us who now have little children in tow or once did, know this stage in life can be messy, exhausting, chaotic, and downright perplexing. But in between all the busyness and mess, it’s beautiful, isn’t it?” writes photographer Meg Loeks in her feature that begins on p. 76. We must confess this issue represents a bucket list moment for us. Featuring a magnificent portrait by Meg on Click’s cover has long been a goal, and we’re thrilled the stars finally have aligned.

You’ll have the chance to see Meg in person if you’re planning to attend the 2020 Click Away Conference for photographers being held in Atlanta, March 6-8. Meg, along with a slate of more than 50 talented artists and educators, will be presenting. We should tell you that registration is filling quickly (yes, already!) so you’ll want to get to it. You can’t miss your chance to attend our sixth annual shooting, learning, and social conference, lovingly designed to jump-start your creativity and nurture your style and further hone your skills. Head to to reserve your spot; we can’t wait to see you there!


  • 92 pages, full color, perfect bound
  • Meg Loeks & the sacred everydays
  • Master your smart phone photography
  • Crowd Control: How to handle large group sessions
  • Take headshots to a new level
  • Find your authentic visual style
  • Chinelle Rojas: Addressing a national crisis through photography
  • Kristin Dokoza: Horse’s Breath


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