Strong and searching female perspectives are more important than ever in the global conversation about photography today. And that’s what we’re after in this September/October issue’s cover story, “The New Wave.” We’ve gathered 20 photographers — all women with something significant to say — who are creating fresh and game-changing work.

For every untold story, there is a female photographer waiting to tell it, but it was important to us that our featured artists not be spotlighted for the magnitude of their online presence. We pointedly wanted to escape the over-influence of social media in favor of unadulterated talent and clear voices: Female creators with modest social media followings and gloriously immodest photographic power.

Far from definitive, this female collective of artists was our attempt to harness an artistic movement we see unfolding every day. We can only imagine how many more powerful and electrifying women artists of all ages are out there creating important work that will change a few minds, shift our world, and shape the next generation of photography.


  • 124 pages, full color, perfect bound
  • The New Wave: 20 Women you may not know yet who are changing photography
  • How to get your photo book published
  • The Best Fall Camera Bags
  • 28 Great Photo Studio Ideas
  • The Power of Perspective
  • Secrets to a High-Volume Photo Business
  • Raquel Chicheri’s Treasure Island
  • Keziah Kelsey: Rethinking Eve


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