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As a magazine by and for passionate photographers, we’ve observed many times over the unique demands of pursuing life as an artist. One of the more prevalent challenges we’ve seen in our fellow photographers, and ourselves, is losing all focus on our own needs as we throw ourselves into caring for our business, our clients and our family.

A proper personal balance in life can protect you from creative burnout and lead to a healthier, happier life in general, so we turned to Julia Woods, a creative business coach, photographer, and burnout survivor, to outline real-world actions we can take to start insulating ourselves from well… ourselves. It turns out that far from being “selfish,” the practice of living and shooting for yourself can manifest magical benefits for our business growth, health, family and the quality of the work we create.

And that’s just the beginning; we also take a hard look at how you price your services, manage clients, and embrace smart outsourcing to help you guard your time and nurture your well-being.

Our exploration of self and self-fulfillment continues with a very special feature on the unbelievable power of fine-art self-portraiture. A photographer’s process capturing her own likeness stands dramatically apart from that of the social media #selfie. This deeply emotional exploration can be a painful but empowering experience, marked by the ability for self-acceptance, healing and enlightenment — a spring awakening.


  • 108 pages, full color, perfect bound
  • Best Mirrorless cameras of 2018
  • Learn to micro-compose & layer
  • Run a photo business without ruining your life
  • Self portraits & our search for identity, self-love & healing
  • MK Sadler and the art of staying fascinated
  • You should probably be outsourcing
  • Tamara Staples’ Magnificent Chickens
  • Lucy Baber’s 100 Black Dads
  • Great Photo Gifts for Dad
  • How to maximize spring light


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