Click cover January/February 2018

In this, the issue that kicks off Click’s seventh year in print, we proudly mark the occasion with the presentation of the 2018 Voice Image Collection. Curated by a team of photo industry professionals, this year’s Voice Competition drew a record-high number of entries — almost 48,000 images!

The final collection of 210 photographs, all created by female artists, tells a joyful, complex, inspiring and powerful story of life as seen through the female lens. There’s been an intense and overdue spotlight on women’s issues this past year, but a social and political movement, no matter how well intentioned, can lean toward idealization of an infallible female superhero rather than celebrate an authentically imperfect, yet still extraordinary human being, coping with her day-to-day existence. That’s the role of the Voice Collection.

In the photography found in this year’s collection, you’ll discover and be uplifted by the commonality of exquisite emotional honesty — letters from the front, written by those embedded in the action — capturing the loud and quiet moments; the tragic and beautiful. We celebrate the female photographers who are acting as courageous voices of their generation, brave enough to let us into their hearts. They are helping us to know the comfort of shared human experience as we come to terms with our own struggles and shortcomings, and inspiring us every day to seek peace and acceptance, and enjoy the happiness we deserve to feel.


  • 104 pages, full color, perfect bound
  • The Best Photos of the Year: Women artists come together to share and define a generation through Click’s annual Voice Collection.


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