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    Targeted Publicity: Raise your profile and share with Click blog readers interested in photography and photo related products and services.

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    Improved SEO: Not only will linking to your website result in increased traffic to your site, but simply being linked from a site as highly trafficked/ranked as clickinmoms.com (on which Click resides) will improve your SEO.

    Content guidelines:

    All articles provided to the Click blog must be original and exclusive to Click. Content that has been published elsewhere adversely affects the search engine rating of both the Click blog and the original (or subsequent) site of publication.

    Posts must be primarily educational, not promotional, in nature. Readers respond best to posts that provide actionable tips and clear takeaways that they can apply to their own work, life, or business.

    Click staff professionally formats, optimizes, and copyedits every post published on the Click blog. Post titles and subheads may be significantly altered to heighten post appeal and virality among our readers.

    If you are submitting a blog contribution proposal and wish to promote a commercial business beyond your own photography blog or photography business site, please contact Kelly Rodriguez, Creative Services, at kelly@clickandcompany.com for additional information about advertising opportunities.

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