This is the best smartphone light we’ve seen – and it fits in your pocket

Feature photo by Amy Lockheart The Profoto C1 and C1 Plus are smartphone studio lights that fits in your pocket. This. Is. Everything.  You know that great photos need vision and an artistic eye, but that the right light can [...]

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The best all-purpose zoom lens for outdoor photographers who want it all

Outdoor photographer gear minimalists, meet your new BFF. Seriously. The FUJINON XF50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR covers such an impressive range of telephoto focal lengths, it’ll quickly become your favorite all-purpose zoom lens for travel, nature, wildlife, portraits, landscapes [...]

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These are the most adorable, no-stress client gifts we’ve ever seen

We just found the most adorably branded, perfectly priced, hassle-free, happiness-in-a-box client gifts and we’re obsessed.  Gifts for our photography clients have a big job. They should say "thank you," "I value your business" and "let’s do this again" — [...]

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4 Big ways this tiny smartphone studio light completely changed my photography

As a photographer and mom, the Profoto C1 Plus smartphone studio light has completely changed the game for me. Growing up, I always loved looking through old family photo albums and knew that I wanted to document my family too. [...]

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The surprising key to unlocking your unique photographic style

So many photographers struggle to find their voice, their unique photographic style. Would you laugh if I told you that the secret to finding it is in the planning? Any photographer can tell you that at some point in her [...]

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An album for videos and slideshows? This changes everything.

When I heard about the PlayBook Video Player from PhotoFlashDrive, my first thought was “Why didn’t I think of that?!” As a family filmmaker, I have been less than satisfied with options for delivering family films to my clients. I [...]

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12 Amazing Black Friday 2019 deals for photographers

You've waited all year for the biggest sales, and it's finally here — Black Friday 2019! Now's the perfect time to stock up on essentials, grab that new lens you've been eyeing or upgrade your photo gear. We know you're [...]

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The Profoto C1 Plus is the little light that will change your mobile photography

I am a self-confessed light geek. I’m drawn to hazy backlight, harsh light that creates interesting shadows, and beautiful filtered light that just softly rims your subject. Light is the first element I evaluate before taking a photograph. No matter [...]

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5 Reasons to fall in love with the Zeiss Batis 1.8/85 lens

As a busy Vermont wedding photographer, any product I can buy that helps minimize the weight and size of my kit (without sacrificing quality), is worth every penny. Let’s be honest: Hauling around a bag full of gear all day [...]

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How to build a powerful photography portfolio that showcases your best work

Putting together a photography portfolio that’s an honest representation of your skills and voice as a photographer is a completely worthwhile exercise. It can be incredibly gratifying to produce a set of images you’re proud of, but the highlight of [...]

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How to make time in your incredibly busy life for photography

Feature photo by Karlee Hooper Recently, as part of the #MyFujifilmLegacy project, I've been mentoring a fellow photographer looking to make more time in her busy life for photography. My mentee is Ryan Ward, a mother of four boys and [...]

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How to streamline your photography business in five easy steps

As a professional photographer, one of the most important and powerful tools you have is your gallery sharing service. After all the hours that you put into creating your art, it's essential that you have an efficient and beautiful way [...]

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How to keep clients happy: The top print products our editors love

Our editors have curated the photo products your clients are sure to adore. With a proven track record for the highest product quality, the fastest delivery and the best customer service, Miller’s Professional Imaging is your secret not only to [...]

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Everyone’s favorite standby focal length just got interesting

I am a photographer who likes to take all the pictures. When I travel with my family, I capture the entire feeling of a trip, from macro and still life shots to landscape images to pictures of my kids [...]

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A prime lens with the versatility of a zoom? Yes, it does exist.

I have been an avid Sony user for a few years now, but I had never tried Zeiss' Batis line of lenses before, so when the opportunity to try the Zeiss Batis 40mm 2/40 CF came along, I was very [...]

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Here’s the camera lens that goes with me everywhere

There are so many choices when it comes to photography gear. As a busy mom with three young kids, I need four things when it comes to my lenses: 1. autofocus speed and accuracy (my kids are quick!); 2. image [...]

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Why the FUJIFILM X-T100 is the perfect personal camera for pro photographers

As an avid 365 shooter for the past three years and a frequent traveler, I really love documenting my daily life and travels in both still images and video. Having a camera that is easy to travel with, can perform [...]

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