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You can absolutely rock your photography on a budget, here’s how

It can be all too easy to give up on doing the things we love when our bank accounts don't match our wishlists. But it really doesn’t have to be that way, even with a notoriously expensive hobby like photography. [...]

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6 Unexpected ways to use window light to add magic to indoor photos

Window light is constantly changing as the seasons shift, affording myriad creative ways to use it in your indoor photography. Here are some of the ways I like to play with window light, often with magical effects. 1. Pockets [...]

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How to tame these 4 challenging lighting situations for better photos

Pretty light brings out the beauty in even the most mundane things and moments in our lives. For every beautiful golden hour sunset, there’s a morning of getting ready before sunrise, field trips in bright, full sun, grocery shopping in [...]

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How to easily swap colors in Photoshop for more impactful images

Color makes a huge impact in photographs. It can pull viewers in, direct the eye to a certain detail, tell a story, connect one thing to another or create an emotional connection. So when our environment doesn't match our artistic [...]

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The great indoors: 6 Pro tips for photographing interiors

My approach to photographing interiors began with the brand and product shoots I’d perform in a variety of locations, such as offices, restaurants, and residences. Designers, architects, chefs and bloggers would request shoots that included their newly designed kitchen or [...]

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Why taking a break from photography can be good for you

Taking a break from photography isn't a popular idea. We are bombarded with advice on how to shoot daily and find time in our hectic lives to make room for photography. We're told to pick up our cameras even when [...]

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Freelensing basics: 7 important elements to creating that magical look

Feature photo by Anna Rasmussen For me, freelensing is about the feeling and the creativity of playing with both light and blurriness to achieve a certain level of magic. My first attempts at freelensing were nothing more than lucky shots [...]

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How to break out of a creative rut: 10 photographers share their best advice

Feature photo by Jyotsna Bhamidipati You accept that there are feasts and seasons in all of life, so it’s only natural for your creative urge to estivate now and then. But what if when now and then threatens to become [...]

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What not to wear for photos (and what to wear instead)

What to wear for a photo session can be a daunting decision for anyone. And, let's be honest, knowing what NOT to wear for photos is just as important as knowing what works. As a photographer, you want to help [...]

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The struggle is real: How letting go of perfect can help you photograph what matters

Photographing struggle or difficulty can help us, as photographers, deepen our own understanding of our subject's experience. Through our lens, we can gain a more clear perspective on what the other person is truly going through. And when our subject [...]

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The surprising key to unlocking your unique photographic style

So many photographers struggle to find their voice, their unique photographic style. Would you laugh if I told you that the secret to finding it is in the planning? Any photographer can tell you that at some point in her [...]

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Seeing square: 5 Tips for mobile photography composition

As a child of the ’70s, I learned to take pictures with our family’s Kodak Instamatic, peering at the world through the square viewfinder. My love affair with the 1:1 aspect ratio began when I was 7. Decades later and [...]

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11 Photographer-approved kids’ pajamas for holiday photo sessions

Feature photo by Celia Sloan. Little girl's pajamas are from Hanna Andersson The holidays are filled with color casts (hello, red and green!), opportunities for blown highlights (so. much. white.), and challenging indoor low-light situations. Top that off with the [...]

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Mobile photo editing tips for the on-the-go photographer

My love of mobile photography blossomed during last year’s whirlwind trip to Boston for a wedding. I settled in for my flight home, finally able to peek at the weekend’s photos. Swiping through them, I marked my favorites, and spent [...]

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5 Secret ingredients for amazing food photography

Who doesn't love looking through enticing food photography on Pinterest or while browsing recipes? But there's a lot of thought that goes into creating a gorgeous food photo that sells. Lucky for us, we have Shell Royster, an award-winning food [...]

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The 10 most emotional wedding photos every couple wants

Weddings are one of the most challenging and rewarding genres of photography. You need to arrive at the wedding location ready to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments as they happen in front of you. This means meeting unexpected challenges, like tough lighting [...]

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10 Halloween photo tips for scary good images

Feature photo by Mickie DeVries Halloween is one of the most photo-worthy holidays all year. Between pumpkin patches, adorably spooky costumes, rich fall colors and tons of fun props, Halloween is a photographer's dream. Plus, it might be one of [...]

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How to photograph shy kids (and introverted parents) naturally

If you photograph children, you know you are going to meet children a range of comfort levels and personalities. Most photographers (myself included) want to capture unbridled, authentic joy in our family photo sessions, especially when it comes to our [...]

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