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5 Secrets to powerful and dynamic flat-lay photos

There are secrets to creating dynamic flat-lay photos. When you’re struck by a frame picturing objects shot from above, take a moment to analyze what makes the image compelling. At first, the elements might seem to be scattered haphazardly, but [...]

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Portrait lighting: 5 ideas to transform an ordinary portrait into something extra

The effect of various lighting on the human face is absolutely fascinating to me. Once I began to understand light, every portrait I captured was infused with meaning. Now I make it a habit to ask myself how the [...]

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Why postpartum photography is so different from traditional newborn photography

As photographers, our job is to tell a story. What we choose to document is a personal, passion-driven preference unique to each of us. For me, I’ve always wanted to document motherhood — the raw, the intimate, and the honest [...]

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Couple goals: how to style for unforgettable couple photos

I believe in the art of storytelling through vivid, gorgeous photos that show more than beautiful faces and styled props. I want my couple photos to tell a story that makes you feel every emotion as if you were [...]

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A creative approach to 30 days of family documentary photography during COVID-19

Taking images of your family everyday for 30 days is a challenge all on its own. Pair that with being stuck at home in quarantine for all 30 of those days and things get down right interesting. This is how [...]

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What’s a travel photographer to do during a global shutdown? This.

Last year I logged more than 20 thousand miles between work and family trips. As a culture, lifestyle and travel photographer, my bags are literally always packed. In fact, I have packing my travel photography gear down to a science. [...]

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5 Inspired ways to photograph your new normal amid the Coronavirus pandemic

A chalk rainbow colors a driveway. Neighbors wave to each other from across the street. Children recite the ABCs as they wash their hands before dinner. These everyday moments seem ordinary, but through the lens of what's happening at this [...]

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8 Self-care strategies photographers (and moms) can use during stressful times

This is a strange and stressful time for all of us. As we get used to a "new normal" it's good to have some tools we can use to cope with our current situation. As a photographer and social worker, [...]

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How to take your own newborn photos at home with any camera

Feature photo by Laura Barr Birth is a momentous occasion. Newborns grow so quickly in those first weeks that it's important to record this time in pictures. But right now, with strict hospital visitation policies and most of us under [...]

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7 Things you can do for your photography business without leaving home

For photographers, spring is a time of growth. It's a time of awakening, creativity and new projects. Portrait sessions start up again, blooming flowers bring out macro lenses, and kids run wild at the park begging to be photographed. As [...]

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How photographers can use blue hour light to create vibrant, stunning photos

Vibrant skies and moody soft light during blue hour make for serene and powerful photographs. Shooting in the blue hours of the day is not as popular as everyone’s beloved golden hours, but it does deserve acclaim and attention. (The [...]

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You can absolutely rock your photography on a budget, here’s how

It can be all too easy to give up on doing the things we love when our bank accounts don't match our wishlists. But it really doesn’t have to be that way, even with a notoriously expensive hobby like photography. [...]

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6 Unexpected ways to use window light to add magic to indoor photos

Window light is constantly changing as the seasons shift, affording myriad creative ways to use it in your indoor photography. Here are some of the ways I like to play with window light, often with magical effects. 1. Pockets [...]

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How to tame these 4 challenging lighting situations for better photos

Pretty light brings out the beauty in even the most mundane things and moments in our lives. For every beautiful golden hour sunset, there’s a morning of getting ready before sunrise, field trips in bright, full sun, grocery shopping in [...]

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How to easily swap colors in Photoshop for more impactful images

Color makes a huge impact in photographs. It can pull viewers in, direct the eye to a certain detail, tell a story, connect one thing to another or create an emotional connection. So when our environment doesn't match our artistic [...]

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The great indoors: 6 Pro tips for photographing interiors

My approach to photographing interiors began with the brand and product shoots I’d perform in a variety of locations, such as offices, restaurants, and residences. Designers, architects, chefs and bloggers would request shoots that included their newly designed kitchen or [...]

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Why taking a break from photography can be good for you

Taking a break from photography isn't a popular idea. We are bombarded with advice on how to shoot daily and find time in our hectic lives to make room for photography. We're told to pick up our cameras even when [...]

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