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100 Outrageously fun summer photo session ideas to try

Photo by Monica Carlson The summer months offer up countless opportunities to infuse your lifestyle sessions — with clients or your own brood — with color, whimsy and pure joy. To help get your creative juices flowing, we're offering [...]

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The ultimate guide to photographing fireworks like a pro

Feature photo by Jessie Nelson It's no wonder that we, as photographers, feel drawn to photograph fireworks. Not only are they beautiful with a touch of magic, but they give us that nostalgic feeling of childhood wonder and remind [...]

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How to photograph sparklers: 5 creative techniques pros use

Feature photo by Kristen Ryan Photographing sparklers is a great way to add a little touch of magic to any picture. We asked five pro photographers to share their expert advice on using sparklers for photography. You're gonna love these [...]

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12 Clever backlighting techniques for more creative photos

There's nothing like backlighting to get your creative photography juices flowing. Ever since I first picked up my camera, the magical look of backlighting has drawn me in over and over again. And, while I love a great golden-hour sunset, [...]

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How I found my unique photography style by doing these 5 things

In these days of social media overload, it's easy for photographers to become discouraged or to think that we can’t possibly create something as good as the imagery in our feeds. As artists, we may begin to feel as though [...]

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6 Tips to take the worry (and blurry) out of extended family photo sessions

“Give me all the extended family photo sessions!” said no photographer ever. Let’s face it, photographing large groups can be a struggle. Not because we don’t absolutely love our clients and their great big families, but because there are so [...]

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3 Quick and easy steps to creating safe newborn composite photos

Newborn photography has experienced a surge of creative developments over the last few years. Styles range from simple and beautiful lifestyle photos to elaborate and colorful stunners. In every newborn session, safety must always be the most important consideration. With [...]

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All the feels: How to photograph a military homecoming like a pro

I am never fully prepared for photographing a military homecoming. It's that moment of emotional impact when the planes buzz overhead and the families realize that it's really happening. It's FINALLY the big day. Their loved one is coming [...]

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Modern headshots: 10 ways to create corporate portraits that aren’t boring

As a brand photographer, I’m often hired to take headshots. The word “headshots” may put you in mind of your dad’s LinkedIn photo: suit and tie, looking directly into the camera, solid white or gray backdrop behind him. But, sister, [...]

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12 Newborn photography safety tips every pro photographer should know

Newborn safety applies to every photographer in every genre. Even though lifestyle newborn photography is safe in the way it emphasizes poses that are natural for infants, there are precautions lifestyle photographers need to take to ensure the baby’s wellbeing [...]

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The fresh 48: Everything you need to know about hospital newborn photography

Hospital newborn sessions — commonly called "fresh 48 newborn sessions” since they take place within 48 hours after delivery — are some of my favorite newborn photo sessions to shoot. There is something magical about meeting a brand new baby, [...]

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The best photo storage and backup options for photographers, from a tech pro

As an IT professional and a photographer, I want to tell you that storing and backing up your photos is a big deal. I grew up around computers and spent seven years working in information security before leaving to help [...]

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10 Steps to making your blog post popular… because otherwise, what’s the point?

A well-written, informative blog article with eye-catching images just isn’t enough to make an impression these days. Even the very best content can be overlooked because of our visual numbness in the world of scrolling. To get your blog post [...]

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8 Easy tips for building an unforgettable Instagram feed

I don’t know about you, but Instagram is my happy place in the world of social media. For photographers, what could be better? It's a pretty place to display your work and join a community of support with fellow photographers. [...]

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Why you should be using flash outdoors: 5 Incredibly simple ways to create huge impact

Like most photographers, I'm obsessed with the light around me — be it the sun, the moon or the stars. But, I want to talk about why I'm also in love with the humble little flash in my camera bag. [...]

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5 simple tips to creating minimalist child photography

I adore minimalist photography. The lines, color, texture and negative space that characterize this genre of photography really speak to me. I also find it to be a calming artistic outlet amidst the chaos that is life with three young [...]

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Make artificial light look like natural light: Photographing with the Profoto A1 (Video)

It wasn’t that long ago that I proudly declared myself an “exclusively natural light photographer” to anyone who was listening. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The sun is beautiful and I am glad it exists! But the problem [...]

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