How photographing movement can completely change the mood of your images

Capturing motion in an image can completely change the look and feel. Whether it's a still subject with a motion-blurred background, a quick action frozen in time or the flowing of water, photographing movement can enhance the story you're trying [...]

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The Acquaintance: Esther Ruth Mbabazi documents a traditional birth attendant at work in Uganda

In 2016, documentary photographer Esther Ruth Mbabazi, whose home base is in Kampala, Uganda, was selected to participate in the World Press Photo Masterclass East Africa. That fit perfectly with her life’s work so far, using her talents as a [...]

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Photos from above: get a fresh perspective with a top-down point of view

Shooting from above your subjects can give you a fresh perspective of your world, no matter how limited the scenery below. Whether you’re shooting with a phone, a DSLR, or a drone, there’s so much detail to be seen [...]

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See the winners of the Click photo contest: pastels and neutrals

Vanessa Gonzalez "Pretty in Pink" Gear & Settings: Canon EOS 5D Mark III + EF 35mm f/1.4 USM lens; f/2.2, 1/8,000, ISO 200 Our July/August 2020 Click Magazine photo contest theme was pastels and neutrals, and we [...]

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Chinelle Rojas protests healthcare inequities for Black women through her birth photography

Black American women are 3 to 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women. I’m using birth photography to change that. Imagine hearing that you are three to four times more likely than the general [...]

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How to use photography for painting, and why you should

I am an avid painter, drawer and now photographer who first picked up a camera as a tool to create more works of art. But what I've found is that I can actually use photography for painting and that my [...]

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What I saw at the Minneapolis-area George Floyd protests

Rachel Austin is a photographer and mother of four living just three blocks from where George Floyd was killed. Here's her personal story and photo journal as the George Floyd protests, memorials and marches took place all around her. I [...]

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Truthful photography can make our pain into our superpower

It sounds simple, but we know it involves a million choices. Oversharing, weighed against lies of omission. The question of how, in what language, with what code. To strip it down or cover it with something sheer and beautiful. [...]

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Why postpartum photography is so different from traditional newborn photography

As photographers, our job is to tell a story. What we choose to document is a personal, passion-driven preference unique to each of us. For me, I’ve always wanted to document motherhood — the raw, the intimate, and the honest [...]

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Couple goals: how to style for unforgettable couple photos

I believe in the art of storytelling through vivid, gorgeous photos that show more than beautiful faces and styled props. I want my couple photos to tell a story that makes you feel every emotion as if you were [...]

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The incredible importance of creativity to every aspect of your daily life

This is a personal essay on how bestselling author, speaker, photographer (and former engineer and attorney) Karen Walrond discovered that she is, indeed, a creative person and the importance of creativity to every aspect of her daily life. About [...]

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Quietly beautiful photos of an empty Key West during the Coronavirus pandemic

We are living in a unique time. Even my Grandma — who has seen some things — said she has never seen anything like this. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are shuttered, people are having to distance themselves [...]

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A creative approach to 30 days of family documentary photography during COVID-19

Taking images of your family everyday for 30 days is a challenge all on its own. Pair that with being stuck at home in quarantine for all 30 of those days and things get down right interesting. This is how [...]

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We are OK and we are not OK: A photographer’s diary while quarantined in China

Christine Keegan and her family were under quarantine since the last week of January in Tianjin, China. “In our city (and most cities in China besides Wuhan) all schools, stores and public areas have been closed except for groceries, and [...]

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23 Photos of motherhood that show exactly what it feels like to be a mom

Feature photo by Melissa Richard, "Motherhood is growth." — @melissarichard4 Motherhood means many things — caring, snuggles, heartache, joy, sleepless nights, worry, love — and it's different for everyone. Some days we feel like mothers of the year, while other days [...]

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For photographers, creative therapy can look a lot like funny dog photos on Instagram

I've done this before. Not the global pandemic thing, but the using photography as therapy thing. I fell in love with photography when I was 14. It was days after my mom suddenly died that I realized the power of [...]

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5 Inspired ways to photograph your new normal amid the Coronavirus pandemic

A chalk rainbow colors a driveway. Neighbors wave to each other from across the street. Children recite the ABCs as they wash their hands before dinner. These everyday moments seem ordinary, but through the lens of what's happening at this [...]

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