The best photo storage and backup options for photographers, from a tech pro

As an IT professional and a photographer, I want to tell you that storing and backing up your photos is a big deal. I grew up around computers and spent seven years working in information security before leaving to help [...]

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10 Steps to making your blog post popular… because otherwise, what’s the point?

A well-written, informative blog article with eye-catching images just isn’t enough to make an impression these days. Even the very best content can be overlooked because of our visual numbness in the world of scrolling. To get your blog post [...]

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8 Easy tips for building an unforgettable Instagram feed

I don’t know about you, but Instagram is my happy place in the world of social media. For photographers, what could be better? It's a pretty place to display your work and join a community of support with fellow photographers. [...]

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How to attract your ideal photography clients? Make it personal.

If you want to attract your ideal clients — the ones you totally vibe with and want to chat with for hours after the photo session ends — then you need to be putting yourself out there. Yep, that's right, [...]

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45 Organization hacks for your photography business and workflow

It's that time of year! Make your whole life easier by streamlining your photography workflow, organizing your storage solutions and outfitting your work area with ergonomic furniture. We're guessing your photography business workspace and workflow could use a bit of [...]

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Tax secrets every photographer needs to learn

Tax time can be intimidating for a photography business owner. We want to be sure we are following complex regulations properly, all while minimizing our tax burden as much as possible. Knowing the basics and being prepared can take a [...]

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5 Game-changing tips for photographing children with special needs and their families

One of the greatest joys of my life is being able to photograph children and families with special needs. These sessions sometimes include extra challenges, but the rewards make it 100 percent worthwhile. And, the truth is that these special [...]

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4 Smart ways clients can help you improve your photography business

As photographers, we talk about sending out pre-session questionnaires and preparing our clients before their sessions. But what about after the session is complete and the photos are delivered? How many of us actually follow up with our clients to [...]

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How I edit newborn skin for a perfectly natural look every time

Every single parent who walks into my photography studio is completely enamored with their newborn. As the mother of three kids myself, I can attest to the fact that all babies are perfect just the way they are. So, as [...]

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A pro’s guide to prepping your digital images to print (and sell!) beautifully

I print many of my digital photos and display them all over my home and office. I highly encourage my photography clients to print their photos as well. However, as a part-time photographer who works full-time in a different profession, [...]

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The perfect mini session flow: How to create photo magic in just 20 minutes

Mini sessions are a great way to squeeze multiple client sessions into a short period of time. While this can be profitable when done correctly, it can also be really stressful! My trick to keeping things running smoothly is to [...]

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4 Genius ways photographers can sell more prints and wall art

As a pro photographer, I'm insanely passionate about seeing my work hanging in my clients' homes. We're living in a digital age where it's so easy to forget the origins of our profession and our ultimate goal — creating beautiful photographs [...]

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Target for photographers: 15 Photo-related excuses to shop your favorite store

That’s right, we are going to talk about every photographer's favorite shopping oasis. The place we all run to claiming, "we just need toothpaste," knowing full well we will walk out two hours later with a cart full of items [...]

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5 Steps to building a successful wedding photography business

A landscape photographer photographed my wedding. It was a sweet gift from a kind friend of the family, and I appreciate having great photos that document my big day. But, I don't swoon over those images. This taught me that [...]

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Photo studio makeover: How to transform an ugly space into a showstopper

My last photography studio was in a hip, up-and-coming part of the city that suddenly became the newest place in town to renovate due to a big development project. The quiet cigar factory turned artist colony was purchased for a [...]

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You do you: 6 Ways to stop comparing yourself to other photographers

Teddy Roosevelt once said "Comparison is the thief of joy." Boy, was he right! I am on a mission to stop comparing myself to others, even though I know it's tough. I'm working to define my own photography goals as [...]

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10 Tips to totally rock your lifestyle newborn photography session no matter what

There are so many unknowns in lifestyle newborn photography, especially for in-home sessions with new clients. Will there be enough light? What will the home look like? How will the family be dressed? What if the baby cries the entire [...]

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