4 Ways to reassure your senior photography clients during this uncertain time

With senior year activities still circled on the family calendar and the alarm still set to play Pomp and Circumstance as soon as the sun rises on graduation day, this spring certainly hasn't delivered the final semester high school seniors [...]

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These are the most adorable, no-stress client gifts we’ve ever seen

We just found the most adorably branded, perfectly priced, hassle-free, happiness-in-a-box client gifts and we’re obsessed.  Gifts for our photography clients have a big job. They should say "thank you," "I value your business" and "let’s do this again" — [...]

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The great indoors: 6 Pro tips for photographing interiors

My approach to photographing interiors began with the brand and product shoots I’d perform in a variety of locations, such as offices, restaurants, and residences. Designers, architects, chefs and bloggers would request shoots that included their newly designed kitchen or [...]

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How to attract your ideal photography clients and create a business you love

Owning your own photography business means having the freedom to do things the way YOU want, right? But what happens when your client doesn't seem to share your vision? Do you bend your style to fit theirs or move forward [...]

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11 Photographer-approved kids’ pajamas for holiday photo sessions

Feature photo by Celia Sloan. Little girl's pajamas are from Hanna Andersson The holidays are filled with color casts (hello, red and green!), opportunities for blown highlights (so. much. white.), and challenging indoor low-light situations. Top that off with the [...]

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Why I raised my photography prices: Learn how to charge what you need

So often as a professional photographer, I meet people who tell me I have their dream job. “I love photography!” they tell me. “I really want to start my own photography business!” The same words came from my own mouth [...]

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Which lens has made you the most money as a photographer?

Feature photo by Cami Turpin, shot with a Canon EF 135mm f/2 lens. As photographers, we spend a lot of money on gear, right? So, it's nice when our photography equipment provides us with a good return on investment. We [...]

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The key to photographing twin seniors: balancing their bond and individuality

Words and photos by Shey Detterline A high school senior session is not just about the images, it’s also a celebration of a senior's identity, their past, and their wide-open future. When I'm lucky enough to photograph twin seniors, my [...]

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How to streamline your photography business in five easy steps

As a professional photographer, one of the most important and powerful tools you have is your gallery sharing service. After all the hours that you put into creating your art, it's essential that you have an efficient and beautiful way [...]

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10 Tips to slay work-life balance for busy photography business owners

Running a photography business seemed a whole lot simpler at the very beginning. Anyone relate? Becoming busier with more clients is such an exhilarating feeling because it means people like your work and want YOU! It’s such an honor [...]

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How I turned my garage into a beautiful photo studio: a video tour

It has taken nearly nine years of experimenting with light and spaces for my still details photography and photo styling business to finally land itself in the garage photo studio I've created. It originally started on my front porch and [...]

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How I found my unique photography style by doing these 5 things

In these days of social media overload, it's easy for photographers to become discouraged or to think that we can’t possibly create something as good as the imagery in our feeds. As artists, we may begin to feel as though [...]

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6 Tips to take the worry (and blurry) out of extended family photo sessions

“Give me all the extended family photo sessions!” said no photographer ever. Let’s face it, photographing large groups can be a struggle. Not because we don’t absolutely love our clients and their great big families, but because there are so [...]

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3 Quick and easy steps to creating safe newborn composite photos

Newborn photography has experienced a surge of creative developments over the last few years. Styles range from simple and beautiful lifestyle photos to elaborate and colorful stunners. In every newborn session, safety must always be the most important consideration. With [...]

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All the feels: How to photograph a military homecoming like a pro

I am never fully prepared for photographing a military homecoming. It's that moment of emotional impact when the planes buzz overhead and the families realize that it's really happening. It's FINALLY the big day. Their loved one is coming [...]

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7 ways to incorporate modern, functional design into your photo studio

I am mostly an on-location photographer, but I got to the point in my business where having a studio space to meet clients, do sales, and occasionally shoot sessions was a must. I opted to create a space with a [...]

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Modern headshots: 10 ways to create corporate portraits that aren’t boring

As a brand photographer, I’m often hired to take headshots. The word “headshots” may put you in mind of your dad’s LinkedIn photo: suit and tie, looking directly into the camera, solid white or gray backdrop behind him. But, sister, [...]

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12 Newborn photography safety tips every pro photographer should know

Newborn safety applies to every photographer in every genre. Even though lifestyle newborn photography is safe in the way it emphasizes poses that are natural for infants, there are precautions lifestyle photographers need to take to ensure the baby’s wellbeing [...]

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