9 Creative products to get your photographer energy flowing

Need to give your creative photography a little boost? Get yourself in the right headspace by trying something new. Creative photography products aren't always cameras and lenses, sometimes it takes a meditation app or a new watercolor set to get [...]

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An album for videos and slideshows? This changes everything.

When I heard about the PlayBook Video Player from PhotoFlashDrive, my first thought was “Why didn’t I think of that?!” As a family filmmaker, I have been less than satisfied with options for delivering family films to my clients. I [...]

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12 Amazing Black Friday 2019 deals for photographers

You've waited all year for the biggest sales, and it's finally here — Black Friday 2019! Now's the perfect time to stock up on essentials, grab that new lens you've been eyeing or upgrade your photo gear. We know you're [...]

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Click’s 34 best photography products of 2019

Drumroll please... Here's every photographer's dream list! Click's best new and tried-and-true photography products for 2019. Eeeee! Our all-female team of photographers and editors have combed through the latest releases, your wish lists and the interwebs to compile this drool-worthy [...]

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Which lens has made you the most money as a photographer?

Feature photo by Cami Turpin, shot with a Canon EF 135mm f/2 lens. As photographers, we spend a lot of money on gear, right? So, it's nice when our photography equipment provides us with a good return on investment. We [...]

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How to buy a camera: a shopping guide for photographers at any level

Feature photo by Karlee Hooper So you’re in the market for a new camera? Eeeee! So exciting! But, the choices can be overwhelming as you scroll through the endless options. Should you choose DSLR or mirrorless? Full frame or crop? [...]

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15 Must-have mobile photography apps for photographers

Feature photo by Julie Audoux Smartphone photography isn't just about capturing a moment on the go anymore. It's everyday art and the ability to create wherever you go. It's freedom from heavy gear. And, it can be a push to [...]

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The one lens I carry when I need all the lenses

As a portrait photographer who primarily works with families and children, I’m always looking for the lightest and most versatile gear possible. I prefer to shoot in natural light and carry a maximum of two lenses to a photo shoot. [...]

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Pool party! 20 Colorfully cute props to make your summer photos pop

Photo by Jenna Sefkow For photographers, summer means one thing: photos! Bare feet, swimsuits, water and sunlight... It's like photo magic. We love seeing colorful photo props, clever uses of light and the overall creative high that comes with relaxed [...]

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New year, new resolution: Print your photos!

Feature photo by Nadya Rubina A new year equals new resolutions: "Declutter. Be less stressed. Eat healthier. Focus on what's important..." Well, this year, I challenge you to make a resolution to print your photos. And, I know, photographers are notoriously [...]

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The 50 best photography products of 2018

Click Magazine's roundup of the best photography products of 2018 is finally here! Our all-female team of editors and photographers painstakingly compiled our favorite cameras, lenses, photography gear, tools, gadgets, new tech and fun faves of 2018. Grab a new [...]

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Target for photographers: 15 Photo-related excuses to shop your favorite store

That’s right, we are going to talk about every photographer's favorite shopping oasis. The place we all run to claiming, "we just need toothpaste," knowing full well we will walk out two hours later with a cart full of items [...]

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13 Ridiculously versatile camera bags for pro photographers

When it comes to finding an ideal camera bag, we're a discerning bunch. As pro photographers, we never compromise function for fashion. But, we do readily hand out bonus points for eye candy! What we really want are fashion-forward, versatile [...]

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Canon and Nikon each take dramatic leap into mirrorless; photographers weigh in

It's going to be a heck of a shopping season for photographers looking to join the ranks of the mirrorless. As Canon and Nikon both announce their new (and hotly anticipated) mirrorless cameras, pro photography's largest manufacturers officially enter a [...]

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8 Photographer wardrobe essentials to keep you chic and comfy this fall

As photographers, we sometimes become so focused on helping our clients pick their perfect photo-worthy outfits, that we forget about our own. But if photography is your job, you need to dress the part. We know, easier said than done! [...]

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10 Hot new photography lenses we can’t wait to get our hands on

Feature photo by Diane Wittenberg If you're anything like us, you love new photography gear — especially lenses. A great lens can change the look of your photos, take your style to the next level or even help you break [...]

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Our 23 favorite travel photography gear and gadgets for outdoor adventures

Feature photo by Erica Everhart The great outdoors — it pulls at our photographer hearts and draws us out, cameras in hand, to try and capture our earth and it's beauty. We stare at the rich greens and browns of [...]

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