As professional photographers, we spend a lot of time and energy convincing our clients there is value in our work. We choose late nights of studying over much-needed sleep, we spend copious amounts of money on professional equipment, and we obsess over minor details that most people would miss all together. We know how important our jobs really are, and we want our clients to acknowledge our efforts and our talents by investing their hard-earned money on beautiful, heirloom quality print products that will stay in their families for generations to come.

Some of us are also moms — moms who generally take a lot of pretty great photos of our kids. And while an investment in fine art print products for our own walls at home should absolutely be on the top of our to-do list, we’re staring down some pretty serious image volume. I mean, I literally take photos of my kids every single day. So finding a budget-friendly print product with a level of quality I respect has special meaning for me.

I have created a few photographic pieces around the house I like to rotate out regularly. My twins are five now, and it seems like every few weeks we’re on to a new milestone. I love to print those beautiful everyday moments and display them for everyone to see, and that means I’m changing some prints out every few months, or even every few weeks!

So when I was asked to review a few products from CanvasChamp, I jumped at the opportunity. They are an affordable printing company, and I was more than happy to test their offerings. Here’s what I ordered and what I thought of their products:

Canvas prints

I ordered two custom canvas prints in two different sizes; 12×8 and 16×20. Generally speaking, the images I like to rotate out are smaller format, but that just comes down to personal preference I think.

CanvasChamp’s online ordering process was straightforward and I was pleased with the quick turnaround on products. I believe I had boxes at my doorstep within a week or so, and they were very well packaged. This is important to me because in Florida, it rains just about every day in the summer time. These boxes were weatherproof for sure, so I didn’t have to worry about water damage if they sat on my doorstep for a few hours.

But more important, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the prints themselves! These did not look like lower priced canvases, you guys! The colors were true to my calibrated computer monitor, and the wrapping/framing was clearly done with care by a professional. The CanvasChamp brand is displayed on the back end of the wrap, but this doesn’t show at all once it’s hung, and for my own personal prints, I could care less about third-party branding. I’m not going to lie here, I was genuinely surprised by how good these canvas prints looked. And at about $15 and $20 respectively (yes, you heard that right!), the quality I saw just cannot be beat. Both of the prints came with hanging hardware too, so they were ready to go straight out of the box.

Canvas champ canvas print
canvas champ quality canvas print

Wood Prints

I ordered one 8×10 wood print. I’ve always been a bit skeptical about wood prints because I’m not crazy about the way the color of the wood distorts skin tones. But this is just the nature of a wood print, and plenty of people love them. These specialty prints are unique in that the image is printed directly onto the wood. It’s not printed on paper first and then heat transferred to the wood substrate. The result is a very smooth, very vibrant print, and I actually really enjoyed the way the wood grain came through in the image.

I placed this particular piece on an easel on my living room sofa table. There was no branding on the back of the print, so it was perfect for a table display that you could view from all sides, and I got several compliments from friends on this one. At about $24 for an 8×10, I was happy to suggest this company to those who were interested.

Canvas Champ canvas print edge
canvas print back
canvas champ wood print
photo pillow from canvas champs

Photo Pillow

Photo pillows make great gifts, plain and simple. Particularly for grandma and other extended family members. I don’t have many at my own house, but my mother loves these things! Her home is littered with them. And for the price (about $12 for a 12×12), I can afford to get her a new one every few weeks. You’re welcome, Mimi!

Side note, my kids also really enjoy these. They think it’s the coolest thing ever to see themselves on cute little pillows that they can snuggle up with. And now that they’ve started showing an interest in photography (they like to take photos themselves now instead of always being the subject), I’m going to have some of their personal images printed on pillows for their bedrooms. Their big ol’ smiles when they see their work displayed in their rooms will be worth every penny.

The pillow image I received was a slight bit pixelated, but I’m assuming that’s just due to the cloth material it was printed on. And for the average Mimi or five-year-old, I’m not sure this would even be noticeable.

Long story short, CanvasChamp’s affordable prints absolutely serve a purpose for us professionals. For my walls at home, or for some thoughtful gifts, these are amazing, and they’re very easy on the wallet.

I would compare the quality here to that of other discount companies I’ve ordered from in the past, and at about half the cost, that’s kind of a big deal. The canvases were definitely my favorite product of the three that I ordered, but everything I received was better quality than I was expecting for the price. I would have no issues recommending this company to fellow photographers. They even have other specialty products that I haven’t tried yet, like metals and acrylics. Go ahead! Give them a shot — you’ll love the versatility they provide you in allowing you to keep enjoying your latest images somewhere besides your Instagram feed.

All photos by Jennifer Kielich

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