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Photographer Kristin Dokoza’s Canon EOS 5D Mark III is never far from her fingertips. She began her Canon courtship with the EOS Rebel dSLR in 2009, upgraded to the EOS 5D Mark II in 2010, and the Mark III just last year. “I’ve never had any issues with any of my camera bodies,” she says. “And, I’ve only upgraded for new features, I LOVED my Mark II and still own it!” We asked Kristin to tell us more about why she and Canon are such a great match.

canon backlight kdokoza-0690

Click: What do you love most about your Canon?
Kristin: It’s super fast! I’m often photographing families with young children. After we get the posed shots out of the way, we get to play! We chase, tell jokes, jump in the air. My favorite element is strong backlight. I get so much joy out of placing my subject right in front of that light and then watching for little details as the light surrounds them. Quick focus and shutter allow me to move and change up my perspective all the while I’m clicking away. Shooting straight into the light like that can be tricky, but my Canon grabs focus for me every time.

Alisha Mat Shoot HMB-5253

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Click: Is there any one feature that makes you swoon?
Kristin: The new AF system on the Mark III is awesome. I can easily move my AF point without having to shoot and recompose using only the center focal point. Kids move quickly! This helps me catch all of the moments I want with sharp focus.

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Click: Whats the most overlooked-but-totally-boss feature?
Kristin: The White Balance settings. I have mine set to Shade. I am always so impressed with how great my color looks straight out of the camera.

Chu Family 2014-7660

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Click: Has your Canon ever surprised you?
Kristin: One day the weather was creating the coolest atmosphere and skies, and I knew I had to go out and capture it. I quickly grabbed my camera, thinking my 35mm f/1.4L USM EF was attached, but I was shooting daily for a class and had been using my 50mm f/1.2L for portraits. I drove to where I board my horse, knowing I could photograph the lone oak tree on the hillside. When I got there I could not have been more excited. The pasture horses were hanging out under the tree, and one gray horse was just climbing up the hill to join the others. I literally jumped out of my car, quickly checked my settings and began shooting. I was at least 300 feet away. The focus and details from that distance were amazing, using the 50! That is just one moment when I knew shooting with the best gear helped me capture my vision, and still one of my most favorite images to date. My Canon and I make a pretty good team I think!

Canon- Dokoza-2724

Canon- Dokoza-3123

Click: What really sets Canon apart for you?
Kristin: I have a clean post-processing style, so nailing it in camera is essential. The shots off the back of my camera look just like the moment that was happening. After every session I can hardly wait to go through the images by scrolling on the back of my camera. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment, get excited by the light or surroundings. I’m able to get creative and push myself, try new things and feel confident that my Canon is going to keep up and even exceed my expectations.

Canon- Dokoza-4116

All photography by Kristin Dokoza

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