It’s easy to get wrapped up in the latest and greatest photography gear, but how you choose to carry and wear the gear is just as important. When selecting items, consider style, function, versatility, and dependability. Check out these wearable items that allow you multi-task to make your job just a little easier, while still looking smart and stylish.

1. Leather Wrist Strap

If you need to take your camera on and off your neck a lot, sometimes a camera neck strap can get in the way.  But with a Gordy’s leather wrist strap, you’ll be able to keep a good handle on your camera, without the bulk of a traditional strap. Using both hands is a little tricky when using a wrist strap, so just make sure you won’t need both of them at the same time. Starting at $18

2. Mom’s Gonna Snap Tee

This shirt is a great ice-breaker. I know because I get compliments and comments every time I wear it. Wear it to family sessions and you’re sure to get a smile from mom. Available in several colors. $25

3. Camera Suspender Holster.

The Money Maker from Holdfast Gear is made of the high-grade leather with a smart design similar to suspenders. The ingenious slider system allows you to easily slide your cameras up and down the leather harness so your hands stay free and the gear your need is always accessible and comfortable to wear. Starting at $215

4. Camera Belt Holster

The Spider Holster system lets your camera hang safely at your hip when you’re not shooting, and quick-draw to an active shooting position as soon as you’re ready to catch the shot. Starting at $135

5. Scarf Camera Strap

Need a neck strap but want something that will blend a little better with your outfit? Look no further than a Vintage Clothespin scarf camera strap. Scarf straps are a comfortable and fashionable way to carry your camera. $36

6. Waist Pack

Maybe you’re a landscape or nature photographer and need a more rugged and comfortable way to carry your gear. The Clik Elite line of waist pouches provide stable, breathable comfort while the internal camera pouch secures and protects your camera, leaving plenty of room for trail essentials. $43

7. Wearable Camera

This wearable camera makes it possible to leave all your gear at home. The automatic photo capture of Narrative Clip 2 lets you stay in the moment while capturing it. Keep your mind and hands free when it matters, while still being able to collect and share your stories. $199

8. Stylish Camera Bag

The Kelly Moore Steph bag is the perfect combination of style and function. It’s equipped with a removable basket design, allowing you to remove the basket and transition to an everyday bag with ease. The bag can also be carried 3 different ways: with the handles, shoulder strap, and crossbody for the ultimate versatility. $199