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Featured Product: ExpoDisc from ExpoImaging

Clickin Moms Pro: Kate Luber, Kate Luber Photography

What were your first impressions of the ExpoDisc? My first impression of the ExpoDisc is that it looked a fly’s eye! The many facets capture the light coming from all angles to create a color profile of the light coming into the lens. Based on that information, the camera is able to accurately set white balance and exposure. In the package, you will find an ExpoDisc in a rubbery carrying case, two warming filters, and a lanyard.

How would you use the product? The ExpoDisc is a tool to set white balance and exposure, much like a gray card or ColorChecker passport. Unlike most white balance targets, you do not take a photo of the target where the subject stands; you stand where the subject is and aim your lens, with the ExpoDisc attached and in manual focus mode, and shoot towards your shooting location. From this shot, you can either set white balance in camera or you can use the shot to set white balance in post-production. For setting exposure, simply watch your meter as you’re taking your white balance shot. My camera tends to overexpose a little, so I aim for the meter, or histogram spike, to be a little left of center to set exposure using the ExpoDisc. When I’m shooting, I attach the lanyard to the ExpoDisc and loop the other end around my camera strap; it is always right there to pop on and off quickly. I don’t know if that’s the intended use for the lanyard, but it works for me.


What do you think of product quality and price point? The ExpoDisc is well constructed. I’ve dropped it several times, and it continues to deliver accurate results; minor dents, dings, and dirt do not affect its performance. It comes with a lanyard, and you can either attach the lanyard to the carrying case or the ExpoDisc. The ExpoDisc is well worth its price tag, and it’s honestly worth more. The cost is not much more than many reputable gray cards, and it is much more convenient and more accurate than a gray card. It is worth every penny.

How does this compare to other products you have used in the past? To be honest, when I first received my ExpoDisc, I took about 10 shots with it and put it away for nearly a year. I’ve never been a fan of shooting Kelvin, and gray cards are too much work; in my mind, the ExpoDisc was too much work too. I preached the ease of auto white balance and setting it in post production far and wide. “You mean I have to walk all the way to my subject, put on the ExpoDisc, change my lens to manual, take the shot, remove the ExpoDisc, change my lens back into autofocus, set my white balance, AND walk all the way back to my shooting location?!” I used to say. I shoot at 200mm a lot, so this seemed like a daunting task. Until, one day I realized I’m already standing near my subject when I pose them. How hard is it to flip around right before I walk to my shooting location and take a quick shot. As I’m walking back to my spot, I simply set my white balance and store my ExpoDisc in its handy case, which has a belt loop for you, and I’m ready to go by the time I’m at my shooting spot. It’s far easier than having your clients hold a gray card and then hide it for the shot.


Any other positive impressions you wish to share about this product? To say the ExpoDisc has transformed the way I shoot and edit is an understatement. It refined my session flow; I pose my subject, take my white balance shot and set it while walking into position, then I take a full body shot, walk closer for a ¾ shot, and walk in farther for a close up of my subject. From there, I change shooting location or pose, and start the cycle over. It gave me a structure for remembering to shoot the same pose from different angles… And it’s just a white balance tool! On the back end, it cut hours off of my editing time. I never realized how much time I spent trying to get the perfect white balance in my RAW processing and then refining the colors and skin tones in Adobe Photoshop. I can trust the results coming from the ExpoDisc and all that’s left is to add my artistic edits to the photos. As someone who was so hesitant to give the ExpoDisc a chance, I’m now convinced. The accuracy of both white balance and exposure is unmatched.

Before & After prior to using the ExpoDisc


Before & After using the ExpoDisc


All photos by Kate Luber

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