OK, so you’re ready to print your photos but you’re overwhelmed by the options available. Kiosks, online printers, your local big box store, professional print labs… Does it really make that much of a difference where you choose to print your photos? Is a professional print lab really that much better than a consumer lab?

Truth? Yes. Yes it is.

Photographers are trained to see variations in color and contrast much more than the average person. But in this experiment, I wanted to show that the difference between a pro print lab vs. a consumer lab is obvious to anyone when compared side by side. So, I printed a favorite image of my daughter from my lab of choice, Miller’s Professional Imaging, to compare with prints from consumer print labs: Costco, Walgreens, Target and Walmart. I think you’ll see that, as much as we may love shopping at these stores, you’ll want to do your photo printing with vendors that specialize in professional prints. It is truly amazing to see the difference a pro print lab makes!

First, this is the original digital file I used to make each print:


Here’s how a pro print lab compared with four consumer labs:

Each print was made directly from my original file with the automatic adjustments and corrections turned off. I printed all five images as 5 x 7-inch prints, with the exception of Target (they did not offer that exact size and the closest was 6 x 8 inches). I ordered a matte or lustre print when I could, but Walgreens and Target only printed with glossy paper.

Miller’s Professional Imaging

The Miller’s print was hands down the most accurate print of them all. It was perfect! Miller’s printed my image exactly how I saw it on my screen. I wasn’t surprised with the quality of what I received from this pro print lab, as I’ve used them exclusively for years. I love knowing I can order from them and receive a consistently beautiful print each and every time.

Note: I wanted the photo paper from each print lab to be as close as possible so I printed on Miller’s e-surface photo paper instead of my usual metallic paper.

Millers copy1


The photo print from Walmart was one of the prints that was dramatically different than my original. There is a very obvious pink/magenta tone and the contrast was increased so much that my daughter’s legs look extremely dark and her dress has lost the details. I can also see the added contrast in the color of water as well. The focus is blurred just a bit and the reflection is muddy and not very clear.

Wal-Mart copy1




Walgreens print lab also added more contrast to my image but it is not quite as dramatic as the Walmart print. The shadows are darker and the highlights are brighter. Her skin and hair are warmer with the added contrast and color. Glossy paper was the only available option, which magnifies the difference between this print and the Miller’s professional print even more.

Walgreens copy1


Costco did the best job of not changing the colors of the print too much from my original file. But, instead of adding contrast, the contrast from this print seemed to be removed. The colors are very muted and the image has lost some of its sharpness. She looks out of focus compared to the other prints. Walmart had some sharpness issues as well, but not as extreme as Costco.

Costco copy


I was very surprised at just how much the color was off in my print from Target. The blue in the water is neon blue and the overall image is lighter than the Miller’s print. There also seems to be more yellow in the photo — in her hair and parts of the white clouds. It doesn’t look like a ton of contrast was added but the brighter neon colors are just too bright to ignore. I adore Target for lots of photography-related purchases, but not for printing photos.

Target copy1

As each new image was printed, the importance of using a professional print lab became more clear to me. Using a pro print lab that specializes in working with professional photographers and making our prints look their best truly makes a difference, whether the images are for your clients or for your own home.


Which photo paper is right for your print?

There are so many photo paper options out there — glossy, matte, metallic — that it can be hard to know which paper will work best for you. Your style is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all option out there. But lucky for us pro photographers, there are a bunch of great photo papers available from pro print labs. Read my photo paper comparison here.

Print lab showdown - Pro vs. consumer