There’s a reason that a classic becomes a classic, and the Canon 50mm f/1.8 USM EF lens has become just that–a trusted, go-to lens that never disappoints. Clickin Moms Pro Melina McGrew shares the top three reasons why it’s never far from her side:

1. The 50mm f/1.8L is extremely practical! As a medium telephoto lens, it is perfect for indoor/outdoor, or environmental portraits, and very conducive to a great variety of shooting spaces.

2. It is impressively light weight and therefore amazingly convenient to carry around and handle.

3. It is one of the most affordable prime lenses, and a true classic. So you are guaranteed a lot of bang for your buck!
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What subjects/types of sessions do you mainly use it for? I find that the 50mm focal length makes it possible to maintain a physical closeness with my subjects, which is optimal for establishing connection and playful interaction. I love to use it when I shoot children, couples or actors.

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How long has it been your favorite? My nifty fifty has been with me from the very start of my photography journey, and it is still one of my most frequently used lenses. I find that it is remarkably dependable and delivers in the trickiest situations! I have climbed with it up walls, trees and window sills; crawled under bushes; taken it along for long family hikes. I would hardly be as daring with my shooting angles while hauling a much heavier or expensive load at the end of my camera.

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How did it steal your heart? A couple of years ago, around Halloween, our family decided to do “Boo” at our local zoo. I debated bringing my camera because of the crowds, the long trek back and forth, and the daunting task of running behind our two toddlers with a camera around my neck for the better part of the day. A heavier lens would have convinced me to leave it behind. As it so happened, I got one of my luckiest and most beloved shots that day. My little “Alice” all the way down the rabbit hole (otherwise known as the Prospect Park Zoo’s prairie dog display). The shot simply would not have been achievable with a longer focal length, due to the narrow tunnels.

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All photos by Melina McGrew,