What photographer doesn’t long for a quiet office space in her home to work in peace? Allison Corrin French of Allison Corrin Photography has created an ideal little space in a cozy and secluded corner of her home, complete with the necessities and a comfortable style that makes us want to settle in and get to work. We asked Allison to share her space with us, and the more we saw the more we wanted to create such a clean and simple space of productivity. Every momma knows the struggle. All work tirelessly, each in her own endeavor, her own calling, some outside the walls of home, others within and without a paycheck. But then there’s the ambiguous juggling act of a work-at-home mom.

Click: What inspired your new space?
Allison: This has been my life for three years now, and keeping a counter cluttered in our kitchen was causing more disruption than good. So I recently decided to move my office space upstairs to a little nook off of our bedroom. My hope was for less distraction in both endeavors of life, mom and artist.

photographer's office

Click: How did you approach the project?
Allison: We had a cozy nook just off our bedroom and filling the walls with some notes and images that speak about life and love provided just the inspiration I crave when working both for others as well as for my own brood.


Click: What inspires you?
Allison: It wouldn’t be a space for my soul without the reason for my work, thus one of my favorite images ever of our little family adorns the wall. See my full blog post of our first moments as a family of six here.


My desk is filled with a compilation of passions, my homeschooling, my reading, my writing, and my craft.


It all flows together somehow, an outflowing of my heart.


Click: How did you approach organizing the space?
Allison: I wanted something that would add rustic charm while still being functional. I also know I tend to rearrange and change my mind frequently when it comes to decorating and thought it best to find a piece I could use elsewhere if we ever re-purpose this space. The Braunfels sideboard from Unruh Furniture was perfect!


The sideboard’s counter is a perfect collection point for the guides I’ve started to write, the words encompassing the refreshment I hope to offer in my retreats. All in all, this move and my space has turned out to be a place of quiet production before the sun rises and a tucked away refuge when I need my own corner.


To see more of Allison’s work, visit her on her website or facebook page. Thank you, Allison, for sharing your space with us!