It took some time, but you finally hit the client jackpot. They showed up to the session in good moods, ordered before their gallery expired, and referred two families to you. You want to do something nice for them in return, a gift maybe, but where to start? Here are a mix of ideas sure to be hit for those all-star clients!

Photo gifts almost always go over well with clients, as long as they are creative and aren’t something they would have ordered for themselves. They’ve probably already spent money on prints and canvases but would still appreciate something a little more out of the box. I love the Wood Block & Print set from Artifact Uprising. It includes a wooden stand made from Colorado Pine, and twelve 5” x 5.75” prints on 120lb. textured paper ($23.99). Other photo gift ideas include a set of photo note cards with an image from the session on the front, and a set of matching photo gift tag with the purchase of custom holiday cards.


Buying local is an amazing trend turned way-of-life for some. Research locally owned stores in your area to see what’s available. Some ideas include soaps and lotions, jewelry, boutique cookies, macaroons, coffee and cold brew, honey, olive oil, and wine. Remember to include a business card from the local store along with your gift so your clients can repurchase items they love. You could also initiate a business relationship with some of the local businesses if you end up buying a lot from them. They might be willing to display your business cards or do some co-op marketing with you in return for purchasing, gifting, and marketing their items.


Sending a personalized gift instantly lets your client know she is special. It’s obvious that she didn’t receive the same gift as all your other clients — she is receiving something specifically and specially made for them. I love the idea of ordering them a custom return address stamp and tucking in a gift card to a nearby takeout restaurant. Laser-engraved wooden items are also sleek, professional, and will last a lifetime. American Laser Crafts sells affordable and personalized items like cutting boards, bottle openers, and coasters.  Each item is handcrafted from solid replenishable wood and then delicately laser engraved, sure to be a showpiece in your clients’ kitchens.


And if you’re looking for something for those extra special clients, create a gift bundle that includes items from each category. A great combination would be a set of photo note cards, a custom return address stamp, and a bottle of wine from a local vineyard.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when selecting client thank you gifts:

Do: Keep in mind what the client would like. If they don’t drink, don’t give local wine or a bottle opener. Keep in mind what their interests are as a family and incorporate that into their gift for an extra special touch. Don’t: Opinions may vary on this approach but I recommend not branding the gift. Your client has already given you her business, and seeing your logo on a thank you gift could feel a little pushy. If she loves the service you provided her family, she will recommend you to her friends without needing to see your business name or logo on everything.