Gina Wade is a mother of boys. Like anyone who raises sons can understand, it often seems that smelly socks and grass-stained pants and dirty baseball cleats are taking over her home when she isn’t at the baseball diamond watching her boys make those socks smelly or staining those pants or dirtying those cleats.

Gina is also a photographer, though it might come as a surprise that she doesn’t specialize in sports imagery. She is a senior portrait photographer and her latest batch of 2016 senior girls is anything but smelly or grass-stained or dirty. Rather, they are the epitome of polish and poise as Gina styles them perfectly in front of her camera. As these young women prepare to embark on their final year of high school and set out into the world, they have the gift of photographs that truly show them at their best. In Gina’s hands, they are beautiful, confident, and ready for anything that comes their way.





On a deeper level, her photography is a reflection of who she is beyond the baseball mom. And that is what photography is for so many of us — a way to see beyond the mundane of our everyday and find beauty in the parts that might be hidden to most. A way to uncover who we are as individuals and artists when we are so busy caring for everyone else.



Wade8 (Gina Wade's conflicted copy 2015-09-13)


So boys, remember that while your mom loves you and will happily wash your baseball laundry all summer long, she knows a thing or two about being an amazing, beautiful woman. All you have to do is look at her work and you can see her in every confident frame.




All photos by Gina Wade.