Picture it… you’ve recently attended an amazing photography conference and met some new photographer friends. You connected with these ladies… you get each other, you laughed with each other like you haven’t laughed in forever, and you’re even planning a girls’ trip so you can see each other before the next conference. Almost instantly they became lifelong friends. To celebrate you’re new friendship, you decide to send them a sweet, little gift to show them how happy are that you met and how much you want them to be a part of your life, even if miles away. Ideally it needs to be affordable, easy to drop in the mail, and let’s them know you are thinking of them. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a few online stores with lots of ideas to get you started.

Olive and Sinclair

Olive and Sinclair is Tennessee’s 1st & only bean-to-bar chocolate company, and takes pride in their take on bean-to-bar chocolate known as Southern Artisan Chocolate™. Their process continues to define and redefine itself with the invention of buttermilk white chocolate, aging cacao in bourbon barrels, Duck Fat Caramels, and collaborations with other Southern makers. Any foodie friend in your life would love something sweet from Olive and Sinclair. Products range between $6.99 to $55.99 gift bundles.

gifts for photographers

Asilda Store

Anastasia, a photographer in Los Angeles, created Asilda Store to sell products, bits of inspiration, that will make you stop, slow down, pause, think, reflect, make smarter decisions, and appreciate the time a little more. When everything around is digital, all we crave sometimes is something tangible. These reminders are meant for us, and they’re meant to be passed on to those we love. Items range between $3.50 and $9.95 with $2.99 shipping.


Mokuyobi Threads

Julie Pinzur, owner, maker, and designer at Mokuyobi Threads says she likes making vivid, sewn items that bring a smile to your face. And the patches she features in her store do just that. Whether you grab a bundle of 4 or 8 patches, or carefully select one that’s a perfect match for your friend, there’s something for everyone at just $5 a patch and $2 shipping.


Jill Makes

One look at Ji’lls Etsy store and I’m instantly happy. Jill Makes sells “handmade things for upbeat people.” The keychains, necklaces, watches, and bracelets are so original, vibrant, and beautiful, unlike a lot of the jewelry found online. As a former graphic designer, Jill illustrates a lot of the jewelry pieces by hand, designs it on the computer, molds all of the clay components by hand, and then handpaints everything. Good luck deciding what to order first! Prices range between $10 for prints up to $56 for the watches.


Various Keytags

With a tagline of “improving the quality of lives… one Keytag at a time” you know that this is a fun gift idea! Follow them on instagram (@variouskeytags) to see how creative people get with their custom messages! They are the perfect size for an inside joke from the conference and come in a variety of colors (even neon and wood!). Try out the custom keytag tool that let’s you see your message mocked up on a tag before ordering. Various Keytags has hundreds of standard messages like “Don’t Dull My Sparkle” and “Life is Short, Buy the Shoes” that are $15 and custom keytags are $20 each with free domestic shipping.


NipponEki Jewelry

The personalized bar necklace from NipponEki Jewelry is available in sterling silver, 14kt gold filled or 14kt rose gold filled. Add the coordinates of the location where you met, roomed, or the conference you attended for the sentimental friend in your life. And while you’re browsing around the store, check out the beautiful druzy jewelry, constellation necklaces, and amethyst slice pendants. The personalized bar necklace starts at $50.



Chances are while at the conference, you texted with your new friends using emojis. The favorites in my group were the “crying laughing” emoji and the “kissy heart” emoji. This set of emoji stickers includes ALL of the emojis found on the iPhone (19 pages of stickers, 48 stickers on a page, over 900 stickers)! Give your fingers a break from texting by sending a handwritten note to your friend using the same emojis from your text conversations! You’ll be as cool as sunglasses emoji! The sticker pack is $12.